W7 R1 - It's not exactly getting easier!!

After the trials and tribulations of Week 6, I was hoping to settle into a steady rhythm of comfy running in week 7 without the annoyance of interval training. I desperately needed my rest day yesterday, but due to staff absence at college, I ended up having to teach two dance classes, which meant opening an old bag of tricks that hadn't seen the light of day in quite a while!(I gave up dance teaching a year ago due to persistent injuries). I enjoyed it, sure, but wow did I feel it when I got up this morning. Everything ached unsurprisingly and I really had to push myself to get out the door.

But I did and made it but my legs were just heavy and aching pretty much all the way around. Only in the last 5 minutes did they finally seem to loosen up despite loads of stretching before I set out.

I suppose I could just think of these last 3 days as cross training and while I made the 25 minutes, I didn't run quite as far as W6R3 which is a big disappointment for me. So hopefully today really will be a rest day where I just have to talk, and I'l be a little fresher on Saturday for R2.


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6 Replies

  • GREAT GOING FRAZ! Week 7 was a weird one for me also. I had the same hopes as you but noticed it wasn't getting any easier and I slowed a bit in pace and distance. My legs seemed so heavy...maybe our bodies not fully recovered yet from week 6?? Now that I am into week 8, it still isn't easier but I feel like I'm picking up my pace/distance a bit. I get frustrated, thinking it should be easier by now, but we are still in the building stamina stage. Dance instructor? AWESOME! I have no rhythm to speak of! ;-) Are you familiar with a TV show popular here in the States, its called Dance Moms. We try to watch it when we can. GOOD LUCK WITH RUN 2!!!!! :-)

  • Thanks Gayle. Yes I was a pro dancer and singer in my youth. Now teach performing arts and until last year dance was part of that but had to quit due to the injuries. Had to cover another one today and I enjoyed it but I've probably had more exercise in the last 3 days (2x25min run and 3x 1.5 hr dance class) than I have had since I was about 18 lol. Definitely no dance tomorrow so I can focus and rest and recovery, hoping I can get a few more metres out of W7R2.

  • Wow Fraz, you seem to enjoy pain way too much ;-) I take my hat off to you though, you did well to do both the dance class and the run.

  • Thanks Chewy! It was ok while doing it, it's just after when the suffering starts! Let's just say I'm glad I'm not running today!!

  • Way to go, Fraz!! Keep the faith and Running!! Week 8 Run 2 was easily the worst run that I experienced up to that point. Tonight, my wife (gdeann) and I completed Week 8 Run 3 and it is easily the best run I have had to date!! The easy runs are...well, easy!! It is these runs that just don't go as well as we hope that really make us runners!! We learn to push through them, even if they aren't as good as we would hope for!! Keep Running, there are more good runs, then there are disappointing ones!! P.S. If you ever make it to the States would you teach Gdeann and I how to dance?? :-)

  • Thanks for the positive advice smhall. Yep I definitely need to take the rough with the smooth, I just hope tomorrow feels at least a little easier! And if I ever get to the States again, it would be my pleasure!!

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