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pg runs 5 and 6

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This week I've actually managed to get out twice for 30 whole minutes!

Tuesday morning I was a bit annoyed with myself that it hadn't been sooner, but at least I got my gear on and made it out. I thought I wouldn't be out long, but the gremlins did a bit of reverse psychology on me - yes, a gremlin! I heard one.

I'm no stranger to personal gremlins. The week previous, I was haunted by them, having given a talk at a conference that frankly did not go as well I expected. But the running gremlins had so far mostly been background noise or they'd interfered with tech or clothing. However, on Tuesday morning I went into the park and started running only to hear "your shoe isn't tied right, idiot". Hm. Stopped to tie it properly but only succeeded in making it too tight. "hahahah, why are you bothering! You can't even tie your laces!" Err... no, it's just a brain-blip.... "You'll give up running soon enough, you're not cut out for this, and you ought to be working anyway".


So I thundered off after re-tying my lace again - and left the gremlin for dust. It wasn't the best feeling run, but instead of stopping about 15 minutes (let's face it ... I did ought to have gotten to work) I carried on for a full 30. Felt much better for it, at least!

Tonight's run I'd actively looked forward to. I've started telling more people - my friend who is a yoga teacher was impressed, doffing an imaginary cap, but I said "but you're a yoga teacher who actually does yoga every day" ... my boss of the long lunchtime runs teased me about one day getting into buying running watches, heart rate monitors, which I expressly told him I wouldn't. I steered clear of explaining that I had a sports bra obsession though (and at that point wished I was on this forum :) )

After some considerable upper body exercise getting one of the aforementioned support garments on, I finally got out - it was *cold*, I was wearing long socks under my legwarmers, and a longsleeved top to start with which didn't match my bright pink vest and legwarmers, but never mind. More upper body exercise while I ran taking the long sleeved top off and then juggled (not literally) phone, keys, headphones while trying to tie the top around my waist. How do people do it - is this where belts come into their own??

Anyway, bounced along at a pace... wait - bouncing? Hmm. Gait has gotten bouncier. Will need to keep an eye on that and remember the advice about the hedge. Made a 31 minute run under the lit, quiet residential streets, and very happy about it.

Happy running all x

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Good consolidation running ikckegui😊.

Yes, a running belt is a useful item of kit..

Happy running 😊x

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What a great run.. squishing the gremlins and just running!!!

Absolutely great...what a terrific post... what the running is all about and how much it benefits us in so, so many ways!!

Belts are great.. really great.. many of us have this one?

Also.. do yes, watch the bouncing...I had an incident.. new shoes...Think Tigger !!! :) x

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ickleguiGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Will try and keep a lid on the bouncing - I have a theory that my natural "bounce detectors" were being held down so securely that I've stopped realising how bouncy my gait was becoming ... I think my legs are slightly feeling it today!

Sorry your conference talk didn't go as well as you hoped. Thank goodness for running!

A belt is a good investment and you only need one key, not the bunch 🙂

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ickleguiGraduate in reply to Irishprincess

Hah, I need one and a fob, and my phone is massive ... yeah a belt will be purchased, I think.

I'll stop beating myself up about the conference any time now! And yes thank goodness for running indeed, I ran the morning after the talk and at least got some smugness from that :D

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IrishprincessGraduate in reply to icklegui

Sounds as if a shopping trip is in order 🙂

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Well done 👍🏼😊 A running belt should definitely be the next purchase, I wouldn’t be without mine 😊

Blooming good work and I love the fact that the sports bra obsession is still there... I tried buying a kettle bell drew a blank, a new hooded top - nope drew a blank there. Ended up with just two pairs of socks... it doesn't really hack it when you actually want to spend real money on real stuff and have to settle for socks!

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ickleguiGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

Well and truly obsessed, I am. If I'd found running sooner there's a good chance I'd have wanted to design sports bras for a living! Meanwhile I think I need new leggings too, I thought "dri-fit" (other brands are available) might be good but actually I find it a bit ...plasticy :-/ and they don't really fit anyway so back to either very light cotton or I might check out bamboo activewear...

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