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Why can't I do it???

This week I've managed to get out 3 times which is a first for quite a while. One run with the club and 2 on my own. Running with the club is great fun, good company and the encouragement / motivation to keep me going further that I normally would.

BUT the 2 runs on my own.....DISASTER. Not sure what's going on. OK, well Thursdays wasn't that bad but did only manage 4k and the time was very slow but today I went with the hope of doing 6k (or 5k if I was finding it tough)...well I did 5k but walked the last 2.5k as my calfs / thigh were hurting. I'm not sure I can remember the last time I did 5k on my own...manage it fine at the park run though. I'm guessing this must be down to the gremlin on my shoulder putting doubts in my head but I'm struggling to get past it. If this continues I worry I won't be able to up my distance to 10k!!

Any suggestions for getting past this??? Oh well at least I know I'll enjoy the next run as it's Tuesday with the running club.

Whinge over!!!

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I struggle to run on my own since starting running club and Parkrun, probably because I'm distracted slightly and enjoy the chatter we have at the back.

I've gotten to know a couple of the runners now and we meet outside of running club to go for a run. A girl I now run with is at my pace (more or less) and has only been running a short while so we're really well suited. Our joint aim is to slowly work up to a half marathon next year and together run some 10k races this year. We only need to meet once a week for a run because our running club is twice a week already. Perhaps you could discuss it with any regulars at your club? They may well be looking for a buddy.


that's a good idea, maybe i'll suggest it over the next few weeks. you don't live round the corner do you?

even though it doesn't solve the problem it's reassuring to know that it's not just me!


Sadly not. West yorkshire is probably a bit far to go.

I gained another run buddy from Parkrun. Mention it there too. I find the slowbies are really chatty because it's not all about speed, unlike the fasties up front. They only speak before and after a run (not sure about during because I'm too slow but I like to think theyre too busy breaking records to chat) ;)


I have the same doubt-filled gremlin on my shoulder too! It seems I can't run anymore without stopping for a walk several times - albeit only very short ones. It's very frustrating!


I completely understand.

I miss the feeling of achievement I got as the 9 weeks came and went...........:)


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