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Delightful Didsbury - another tourist run. πŸ€“

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It feels like ages since I've posted. Life just seems to get in the way... but not of running... just in the way of getting online.

In fact, last weekend was a busy one, interval run using the speed podcast last Friday morning. I thought the intervals would get easier, but I found myself mentally shouting at Laura, even though I knew I couldn't do them at all without her.

Then it was home for a quick shower and pack (including running kit -a clean set of course) before heading into London and then on a train to Leeds. Mr Razouski had a work conference, and partners were invited for the evening for a rather slap up dinner and dance.

Fortunately I didn't have to run on Saturday morning as I may have indulged in one or two drinks 🍾at the free bar and danced daringly. The band were great and seemed to have got much of their set list from the Retro Runners, ( Jancanrun and antet you would have approved of the music, if not my dance πŸ’ƒπŸ½ moves πŸ˜‚) So when I eventually decided it was safe to move my head we headed of to Manchester to visit daughter number two, who is at uni there. Had a most sophisticated afternoon at the Whitworth Museum, rehydrated with water all evening, so by the time Sunday morning dawned I was raring to go.

Our hotel was in Didsbury and I set off along the Didsbury Park a Road in search of Fletcher Moss Park. There had been a lot of rain the previous day, but there weren't too many puddles on the path, and I headed along a long felt wooden walkway and out through fields. I had to stop to ask directions, but then was on my way towards the Mersey. I hadn't realised how grand it was at this point, but there was something really calm and serene about running next to such a wide swathe of water. The bank was rather damp it has to be said, but I managed to avoid the muddiest bits.

I was in the zone, beautiful scenery and even managed to get up quite close to a heron, who seemed totally bemused by my appearance.

The river ran under several beautifully constructed bridges, past woodlands, and through some lovely scenery. I couldn't help but stop to take photos, but felt I could run all day. However, thoughts of Mr R wanting his breakfast entered my head and after about 6km I decided I had better turn round and head back to the Hotel.

I passed several runners, one of whom was the spitting image of davelinks. The track back to the park was dotted with puddles and I felt quite proud of the way I was able to dodge round them or leap over. One puddle spanned the path but there was a pile of leaves in the centre marking a shallower bit. How was I to know someone had booby trapped it? Thoughts of Dawn French a.k.a. Vicar of Dibley filled my head as my right foot plunged into the water.

On reentering the park I had the bright idea of taking a different route back to the road! It's a beautiful park, and I would get to see a bit more of it. Great idea...

Unfortunately I soon found myself running across what looked like a grassy area, but actually turned out to be more like a marsh. My feet were sinking through the grass into the wetland, and I was pretty soon ankle deep in πŸ’¦ water. My feet were so wet it wasn't worth retracing my steps, so I just ploughed on.

By the time I got back to the hotel the water had wicked up my leggings to my knees, and the receptionist seemed to find the state of me highly amusing.

But I'd had a lovely run, and at least earned my slap up breakfast.

29 Replies
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Lovely post l was running with you πŸ˜ƒπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘

Thanks, I really enjoy running when I'm away from home ( when I haven't got a hangover πŸ˜‰)

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What a lovely run report! I live in Stockport, so quite close to Didsbury, and I've certainly not heard it called delightful before, but that park looks lovely. I've realised I pass reasonably close every day going to work on the lovely car park that is the M60!

It sounds like you are loving running, which is really encouraging for me, as I'm just a few runs off graduating myself. Keep it up, you're an inspiration!

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Razouski in reply to Hidden

My daughter is in Withington, and we stayed at a boutique hotel, Eleven Didsbury Park, which was lovely. Also had a great meal at No 4 Dine and Wine in Didsbury, which was fabulous.

Last year I stayed at the Premier Inn Didsbury and ran at Chorlton Waterpark, which was a lovely scenic spot to complete Week 5 in.

Hidden having been a confirmed non runner all my life, I completed C25K last December and now love running. I even got as far as 15.5 km last week. πŸ€“

Sale Water is a new parkrun, just the other side of the river from Chorlton Waterpark.

We went there on Wednesday for a Freedom run. It was nice, but I knew it would be because I used to live nearby and have walked there many times

I may check that out on my next visit RunaroundSue .

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Hidden in reply to Razouski

Looking on the map it looks really lovely actually. Seems perfect for running! I would reply more but I'm off on W8R2 while the sun shines! :)

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Razouski in reply to Hidden

Hope your run went well. :-)

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A proper adventure!! I'm keen to spread my wings and run new places, but I'm not quite ready yet, but am getting there. Lovely to see and read about your run, inspires me to keep going, so I can go somewhere just as lovely one day! :)

Running in different places keeps me motivated and lets me see a different aspect of wherever I am. I use mapmyrun to plot my route in advance, and keep it simple so I don't get lost.

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You certainly did Razouski &we ran it with you! post....lovely run πŸ˜‰

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I love running in new places, aswell. It is turning into a real hobby, something to look forward to. As soon as I know there's a business trip coming up I start planning my schedule so I can run while I'm there, and I pore over maps looking for promising routes. November will be interesting as I'm traveling in Britain and visiting in-laws in Germany. Haven't run in any of these places - and I'm soooo excited!

I know what you mean JaySeeSkinny . Every time I know I'm going away the first thing I do is think about what running opportunities I can find.

Your trips to Britain and Germany sound so exciting. I'll look forward to hearing about your European runs. :-)

Well done and brilliant post. I was smiling with you all the way πŸ‘

Thanks. :-)

That sounds lovely. Fletcher Moss is not far from me so I must add that to my list.

I think they have a Parkrun there on a Saturday and there is a 5k trail within the park, but I decided to venture further out as you have to do 2 or 3 laps of the park, I believe, to cover 5k and I have a low boredom threshold. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

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Excellent Raz!

So you saw my spitting image, I have a few around of certain build & vintage!😁 Sadly not me out running at the moment, what with slinky's illness am lucky I'm running once a week, like to get Parkrun in though..

Good to see you had a nice break and running in different places..πŸ˜‰

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Razouski in reply to davelinks

It was quite funny, as when I saw "you" I was all set to stop and have a chat, and then thought:

a) you probably wouldn't know who I was in real life :-)

b) it might not actually be you and the poor man might think I was harassing him

c) I should get a running vest with "Razouski@C25K Forum" printed on it for future tourist runs, in case I pass one of my virtual running friends

πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

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It’s a lovely run around there. I went to uni in Didsbury and Fletcher Moss is great for running if you don’t mind the wet patches.

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Razouski in reply to Hidden

I wish someone had warned me about the wet patches before I went paddling. πŸ˜‚

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Eating my heart out - those photos show a beautiful place to run :)

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Razouski in reply to Irish-John

You'd certainly have liked it, Irish-John, no hills and only the gentlest of undulations. :-)

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Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to Razouski

I am missing my hills - is this. Running lark nuts or what? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Ooh thats not so far from me ! It is so beautiful near the River , we are so blessed to have some lovely places to run around here .

Glad you enjoyed it Raz ! :-) xxx

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Razouski in reply to poppypug

I'd forgotten you were from that neck of the woods, poppypug . I shall have to pick your brain for any other recommendations for places to run for my next visit.

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poppypugGraduate in reply to Razouski

Yes of course , feel free ! :-) xxx

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Was excited to see you were running in Didsbury as I lived in West Didsbury for a number of years. Fletcher Moss is a lovely place.

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Razouski in reply to antet

Yes, antet , Fletcher Moss is lovely (if a little on the damp side), and we found lovely places to eat in Didsbury too.:-)

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