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Somewhere to Run near Didsbury


I am going to visit my daughter for a few days at the weekend and need somewhere to run. I am used to running in a park, so the thought of running round the streets, especially as I don't know them, doesn't fill me with joy. So I wondered if any one lives near there and had any suggestions. I know there is a park run at Platt Fields Park on Saturday, but as I'm only on week 5 I'm not ready for that.

I'm staying at the Premier Inn at West Didsbury and my daughter's student house is in Fallowfield, so anywhere close to that would be great.

Keeping my fingers crossed for suggestions.

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Chorlton water park is quite near to your hotel , and lovely for a run ( daylight hours only )


Thanks for this Mollydex. I've had a look and it will be great. I think I may need to go round Kenworthy woods as well to fit in 5k, but I will see how I go. I'm looking forward to it. :-)

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Fletcher Moss is a nice little park if its not raining (from memory the paths could be muddy ) but it's probably fairly close for you. Bruntwood Park in Chorlton is also a popular place for young families so should be safe. Always in daylight hours though, I wouldn't go in any of the parks alone at night. There are also big parks in Stockport, Vernon and Woodbank parks with plenty of space for running.


Thanks for the suggestions Annasee. I looked at Fletcher Moss as an option. I want to run on Saturday morning. They have a Park Run but I'm not ready for that, and I don't really want to be ambling around the park while that's going on. I might try Chorlton Water Park on Saturday and give Bruntwood Park a go on Monday if I get the chance.



Don't be put off doing parkrun. Lots of people will do it slowly. You could do your runs and walks as far as you need to for week 5 then walk the rest. Look up the parkrun page and if it's 2 laps, maybe just do one lap. If you're still not sure also look at the parkrun page of results and see what the slowest person finished in. If it's 40-50 minutes you'll easily do that. Also you can start the parkrun and just not finish. They don't register you till the end so if you don't finish that doesn't matter. May help.

Happy running!


I know I can do 5k with a combination of running and walking, so it's not the distance that's putting me off. I did my Week 5 Run 1 today and with an additional few minutes of walking covered 5k, but I know I'm not yet up to running the whole distance. I will probably wait until I've graduated before attempting a park run, although you've got me thinking about it.

Thanks for the encouragement.


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