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W9R1 Come a long way and learned such a lot

I managed to drag myself out for W9R1 today. For some reason I lost all motivation, depsite having a good W8. A big thank you to GingerBohemian and Sadie-runs for saying what I needed to hear to stop me moaning and get me out the door!

Normally I run in the beautiful Parc de St Cloud that sits on a hill overlooking Paris. It's the only park nearby, and is up 150 steep steps. With my zero motivation I couldn't face the steps so I decided to run around the streets where I live. And after all my apathy the run was fine! Legs felt ok (apart from going up the hills, but not bad enough to stop me), breathing was fine. I even went a bit further as I'd promised my daughter I'd go via the sushi shop for lunch, so I did 4.4km in 33 mins. But the thing that was missing was the thing that has been the most unexpected on this journey and I think the most rewarding - the pure joy and exhilaration you can get from running. I had no idea that existed when I started running, and I think it's that which will keep me going more than anything. Maybe running around the streets doesn't do it for me, I'll go back to the park next time. It's been such a learning experience for me in so many ways, and still is, and I can't believe I'm now running for 30 minutes and feeling fine (and complaining that now I want joy as well!)

The big shock of the day though was when Laura said goodbye! I absolutely wasn't ready for that. 😢 I still have 2 runs to go!! I've been reading lots of great posts about how to stay motivated after graduation, I can see that I'll be needing all that advice. This forum is fantastic (and makes the journey all the more joyful...)

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Yay! I am so glad you made it out! And 33 mins is pretty darn good. Don't worry too much about the fact that this run lacked "the joy". One of my week 8 runs lacked "the joy", and though I was a little unnerved, I knew it would come back. We all have runs that are more of a slog than a joyful trot. Doesn't mean you won't get your joyful trot back on, honest. We runners, we have to take the rough with the smooth, non?

I cannot believe that your usual run is in a park named Parc de St Cloud – how beautiful a name is that? Like something from a running dream/fantasy! I miss my park runs during the week. It is not open until dawn, and dawn is so late now. (Besides, it is a huge park with woods, so would be VERY creepy in the dark.)

Ha! I was totally freaked when Jo said goodbye to me at the end of W9R1! I was so confused. I thought I had clicked on run 3 by mistake! Why do they so au revoir so soon?! Are they building us up to a really tearful farewell in run 3?!

Very proud of you for getting out despite not being in the mood. You did it, because you are a runner. :-) WELL DONE and ONWARDS, UPWARDS and of course, FORWARDS! xxx

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It was thanks to you that I got out there today! And I always enjoy reading your posts so much, they inspire me like so many others do here. And that park is inspirational in itself, I realised that today. I leave the streets and houses and go through a little door in the wall, it's like Narnia. It's funny how the small things actually mean a lot.

And Laura didn't even sound very sad! I couldn't believe it... I wasn't ready for it and then suddenly she was gone without so much as an 'I'll miss you'. 😢Maybe it's a good thing, cut the cord and send us off out into the world. We're almost there!! Good luck to you for your last one! 🏃

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So pleased my post this morning helped you to get out! Means the world to me. :-) That park sounds heavenly. I do think running in nature (rather than through streets with menacing foxes) is so good for the soul. Though the challenge of a billion steps is a bit off-putting (but super good for your fitness).

Hmmm. Perhaps there is a gap in the market for a post C25K podcast/app. You know, just different length runs, but with somebody interrupting every now and again to say "keep going!", "you are doing great!", "just 10 minutes to go!", and "your hair is looking so shiny today!" etc

"My" park is an old golf course, so it has wide open plains, woodland, and a walled garden to run through. I love it. But am a bit too scared to run in the woodland because a) monsters b) easy to get really lost, especially when you have no sense of direction like me!

Enjoy the rest of week 9 – it's a hoot! xx


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