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Take that w7r3 - I conquered you!

So, on my 4th attempt at run 3, I finally did it.

Plan 1: Rain. Storm. Swirling leaves and debris with intent to kill. Nope.

Plan 2: Phone died minute 12. Obvious way to time it is to just turn around and then it'd be pretty much 25 mins. But...that would involve a second huff/puff/gasp/pant past playing fields of bored people at a rugby match who ALL (really) decided it would be more interesting to watch the person on verge of collapsing waddle past. So I didn't turn around and kept going, thinking that I was stopping somewhere around 25 mins. Urm. It was 18 mins. It felt like 25...

Plan 3: Someone sent me work on my lunch hour.

Plan 4: I did it!!! These seagulls can vouch for it. It was like they were all lined up waiting for me....

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Of course they were🐧🐧🐧 😃Big up to you for doing the session 🙂💪👍✔️

I'm sure those people weren't watching you 😁


Yay! Congratulations 🎊 🎊


Yay. Well done on completing. Must feel fabulous 🏃


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