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Hi Everyone, I registered today after being inspired by some amazing people doing the Great South Run yesterday. I am very unfit and about 2 stone overweight. I am starting to ache and feel physically awful as I don't exercise at all. So I thought this was the way ahead for me. I can't run...I don't really like running but everyone on here is doing so well that I want to be part of that. I am very excited (if a little nervous) about taking this first step. Good luck to everyone who is participating.

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Hi there and welcome. This is a great place to be:)

Okay.. follow the programme... take your rest days, without fail, in between runs and listen to your body, which, by the way, will probably complain :)

Do not push too hard, compare yourself to no-one and remember this is your journey and it is going to be terrific. Non impact exercise on rest days too is very helpful for building up our stamina and strength.

Decent running shoes are essential as is some suitable gear for the time of year. Are you running outside.. ? if so... High viz is pretty useful!

Keep posting your runs for terrific support and encouragement...and the main thing.. take it slow and steady.. you will amaze yourself!

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jaimie1979 in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you. I appreciate all the support so far. I will keep you updated. :-)

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Welcome to the club Jaimie1979. You will be absolutely fine, just trust the program and follow all the advice it gives. Slow and steady being key. Good luck and keep posting so you get plenty of support along the way. ;0)

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jaimie1979 in reply to J9_54

Thank you so much. Looking forward to keeping you updated. It's exciting and terrifying all at the same time!! x

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Hi Jaimie, you post made me laugh, it could have been written by me a few months back.

I loathed running, well the thought of running ... my inner voice telling me I couldn’t do and was to unfit and why bother.

I would get out of breath walking up a flight of stairs and back in April was 15st and smoked 20 a day. Now 11st 12 and a non smoker.

If you don’t believe me just look at the before and after pic on my profile post.

And most amazingly ... I run and I love it !!

Ignore the voice(s) in your head because you can do it, it will be hard and challenging to start off with but take your time, take it slow and good luck.

Keep us up to date with your progress


WOW!!!!! Thank you for your support and huge congratulations on all you have achieved. Remarkable! I would really like to shift the 2 stone so I'm hoping this will help me do that whilst I watch what I eat. I bet you feel fantastic now. I am so keen to get going so will report back on my first go.

I can honestly say I am dreading it but strangely excited.

Will post again soon.

Thanks again. X

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