Hope Springs Quest week 3 - Feel free to join

Hope springs Quest Week 3

Hope for all those Hoping to get off the IC

Spring for either Spring or a Bunny Hops.

I hope everyone is is doing ok and those who are still on the IC couch are making progress.

What the quest is:-

The quest takes six weeks. You can join any time within that six weeks.

The main aim of the quest is to help you find a focus or goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the Quest period.

I ask that you will be a graduate or about to graduate to join the quest. The main reason I ask this is that while you are doing the program your plan is very structured so I wouldn't want the quest to interfere with that.

Most popular goals are:-

To run three times a week

To slowly increase distance

To train for a specific race

To add In Stretch and strength exercises

As you can see they are personal to yourself and it's totally your own choice.

Every week I will pin a new post where all the members of the quest can talk about how things are going.

So if you wanted to join all you have to do is put

I would like to join the quest, or count me in and then I would like to. ..............

Your name will then be added to the top post and every week your name will be in the quest until the end.

At the end, only for those that would like to, we each put out longest run of the quest and it is then marked on a virtual run.























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50 Replies

  • Quiet week for Me just one 5km run.  Blisters have hardened but not popped and my muscles are feeling normal again. Last weekend took an awful lot out of me.  I often do a long swim rest a day and do a 10km and don't have any problem with it but I think the speed I did them both in did me in, one to remember when I next think it's a good idea to push myself too far.  The end result was coping with a hard week at home and no energy to go and exercise it away, not the best combination.  Wishing you all a happy healthy week.  

  • You must stop driving yourself at a 'blistering pace' RFC!  (an attempt at [bad] humour, sorry!)

    Sorry you had an 'orrid week last week, but this is a whole new one and sounds like you will remember to keep something in reserve to go get rid of gremlins if required.

  • Thank you, I just can't help myself I get caught up with the excitement of the start of the race.  I'm sure this week will be better.

  • I made my target of running three times a week, despite holiday. A lovely run along the canal du midi in southern France (not a full 5 k, but nearly and over 30 mins). A fantastic attempted run up hills in France. Tripped over twice and decided to do a run/walk thing where the ground was too rocky. Didn't want to fall over again. Absolutely loved it! 6 k on the hills, trail-running with my sister's dog. Laughing all the way! Then yesterday my stamina run. Long and slow, 6.7 k in 52 mins. Feeling fine today, so can obviously do more!

    More of the same next week, but back at home. Will try the stepping stone podcast for the first time. Looking forward to another running week!

  • That sound like a very exciting run.  I love it when I get the chance for running tourism.  Looks like you've got a good balance of all the runs there as well. 

  • Week two was a good week; I ran all my runs and obtained a new PB for 5km. I've also recorded the first few kilometres for the team on the 5x50 challenge. :)

    Unfortunately I missed my first parkrun but that is something I plan to fix this week.

    Good luck to everyone with your quest. ;)

  • Well done in your pb. 5x50 seems to of made a strong start.  Hope park run goes ok for you this weekend. 

  • No exercise again this week and I'm going nuts. My little op has taken longer than I expected to feel better but then I'm not very patient at these health things. I have worked in the garden but nothing strenuous. 

    I am now counting down the days until my next scan (18 April) and a little run beckons.

    Have a fab week questers and I hope you're all having a fun filled Easter break. 

  • Did you have a general anaesthetic? They can take a while to get over in themselves.

  • Yes I did. My first one ever 🙂

  • Your doing a great service for the forum if that's any consolation, I know it's no where near the same.  It's amazing how the memory of this time fades really quickly when you get out there again which really won't be that long.  Happy healing.  

  • Aw thank you RFC. That means a lot. 

  • "Laughing all the way" 😊 well done, that's the spirit.  

    Sorry to hear you're not right yet IP 😕 but I hope you can manage a short jog without any discomfort.  It will improve your mood i'm sure 😊  good luck with it!

    I am on track with my race plan, running 3 times a week.  Been dog walking too, which I am positive, has helped my calves recover after running hills

  • Sounds like you have fully bounced back now it's great that it's all starting to come together again, I'm sure doing all the work inbetween will start to pay its rewards now.

  • Good week for me. All 3 runs. 10k early in the week went well. 5k on Friday morning only to discover that tourist season had returned and the towpath was heaving and there was an Easter gathering/festival going on. With this in mind yesterday I set off on a new route around the local reservoir across the fields and back the other way along the towpath. Was aiming to stop at one of our favourite local moorings to check service on a new phone network. Completely missed the footpath across the right field and had to clamber over a barbed wire fence to the towpath, only to find a fishing match! One of those days.... Still 8.5k in just under an hour with some (by my standard) evil hills and lots of mud...

    Physio tomorrow morning to check progress on knee. 

    Well done everyone. 

  • Good luck in the physio I hope it goes well.  I don't suppose there is much room on those paths if it's full of pesky visitors.  I used to live in Whitby and there was always mumbling under my breath when I couldn't find a coffee shop to have my lunch in the height of summer,  the phrase "bloody visitors" quite often passed my lips.  

  • They are a necessary evil though - they keep the pubs open :) They'll have gone away now till the sun comes out again!

    Good news is that knee is improving - more strengthening exercises to do - its going to be a long hard journey, but worth it :)

  • Thanks RFC xxx

    Sorry youre still having a rough time your Maj, fingers crossed for you that you are good to go soon ((( )))

    Not a particularly good week for me due to the dreaded lurgy :-( Sore throat , cough and a head full of catarrh - Pah !

    On the plus side, I managed a short 3k run yesterday at the local Water park. At one point I thought my lungs were going to jump ship but I managed to finish , so I am really happy with that , and I saw a heron ! Absolutely beautiful bird, the first heron I have ever seen close up . Lovely !

    I am just 2lbs off my target weight now and have gone down 4 notches on my belt !

    Wahey ! Happy Days ! :-D

    Good Luck all fellow questers and bowls of chicken soup to all those on the IC, another day closer to recovery xxx

  • Wow! 4 notches sounds like a great inch war battle victory PP!  In awe. :) 

  • Thanks Slookie xxx 

  • 4 notches that's a great achievement well done I'm sure those 2lb will be gone really soon.  Sorry your not feeling tip top hope you pick up really soon take care.  Tlc being sent your way RFCx. 

  • Thanks RFC , its been hard at times , but well worth it :-)

     I am going back out running tomorrow - looking forward to it ! :-) 

    Hope your blisters pop soon ! xxx

  • Did 3 x 30 mins continuous last week so, although slow, it's progress and I am really enjoying my little half-hour indulgences.

    Also kept up the non-aerobic classes 2 x yoga, 1 x pilates, 1 x fitball.  Really enjoying the (beginners) yoga - it's a new thing for me and it seems to really complement the running. 

    Not enjoying the green smoothies I am concocting though.  Will have to get back over to Rignold's 'what's in  your smoothie today' fb page to find out where I am going wrong.   

  • I can tell you where you're going wrong: you're listening to that crazy fitness maniac! XD

    (Just joking, I consider Rig one of the "institutions" of this community and an authority in fitness tips ;) )

  • No, really, great suggestions for getting kale down and making it stay there, but I won't be following his fitness regime anytime soon!

  • That's a great variety of workouts, good for you.  I must admit my fav smoothie is my long run one.  Milk, cocoa powder and a banana, all the goodness you need after along run and it's soooooo tasty. 

  • Oh must try that one, it sounds so much nicer than kale, broccoli and beetroot (don't try unless you are having a fridge clear out and your gag reflex has olympic standard training).

  • Been getting out for some enjoyable runs, so I'm pretty happy.  Will be looking to add more structure soon, but for now just getting out is the name of the game.

  • Fun, fun and more fun that's the best way to run, good for you.  

  • Hello everyone, good to catch up.

    This morning I put myself on the couch for a week after a painful run.  It is in my upper thigh, and I'm pretty sure it is actually ongoing hip issues. In part I think it is because I can feel my form changing right now if that makes sense. Not sure why, but it is.

    Last week I managed three runs (5k, 5k, 8k), plus many long walks.  I was trying for some rest days, but they ended up being more active recovery because the weather was so nice. 

    This week, I really am going to truly rest!  I will take gentle walks on three days and try out some more gentle hip stretching and strengthening.  And then I will try to run next Tuesday for the first time. Now that I've written it here, I have to keep that promise!

    Carry on questers, Happy Spring.

  • I'm sorry your in the IC, hopefully not for long but your wise to look after yourself. Strangely enough I have found that my hips need more stretching after long walk days than running, I forget that walking is an exercise too.  

  • Odd sort of a week last week. Disappointed with no swim and no cycling over Easter, fell foul of iffy weather and iffy beloved. Did get two runs in, nothing terribly special about them except that it is always special that I run. A lot of walking on Friday so was very pleased to have made the most of the best weather of the holiday - and the shin pain has improved quite a bit.

    Only did the one yoga class, other than my usual morning session. That surprised me, thought I'd manage more.

  • Glad your shin is getting better. Friday was the best day in London weather wise as well and I forgo my run for a walk with my other half, it was good to do something together.  I admire your daily morning yoga sessions I need to try and do something like that. 

  • I am quite surprised at how religiously I stick to it. It is just 10-15 minutes done in the bathroom before breakfast. 

    I started with this distinctly old Ekhart Yoga sequence:

    and have adapted and expanded it for my needs.

  • Great stretcher for first thing, thanks for posting GM

  • I've not looked at that video for ages, it was one of her early ones when she was still living in Ireland, so quite the nostalgia trip.

    More or less the only time I don't down dog of a morning is when I think I might up-chuck (although it is occasionally postponed if actual dog can't wait for a wee!) I usually have a cat or two or three in attendance.

  • Hi all - I've been on some lovely runs this week - 2 X 5K a 6.8 and an 8.5 (spurred on by the thought of my Easter egg 😀).

    I haven't started any strength training at all :-(. Looked at the 100 push up challenge and will give it a go when I've plucked up courage!

    But I have made significant improvement in the weight loss area. Started Slimming Works a few weeks ago (in essence to support my daughter in law - slimming clubs not really my scene). I enjoy the diet and it's easy to follow, but my lack of portion control means the 'eat as much of these as you like' doesn't really work. After an initial loss of 8.5lbs in the first two weeks I've not lost an ounce :-(.  So I downloaded an app called NutraCheck which allows you to log all your calorie intake easily and syncs with my Fitbit to log my exercise - it gives you a daily allowance to follow.

    I've stuck to it fir a week religiously (and kind if followed Slimming Workld). Lost 6lbs!!! 

    Enough said!

    Promise to start strength training.......soon :-D

  • Well done Sazz ! Keep at it , we will both be fighting fit for the GMR in May ! 

    We will leave everyone for dust ha ha :-) xxx

  • You're not kidding PP :-D Well done you - so close to target!! xxx

  • Thanks Sazz , its flippin' hard isnt it at times but I suppose youve just got to be very determined havent you and look at the bigger picture xxx

  • I would like to join the quest.......I aim to run three times a week

    thank you!

  • Welcome onboard your name has been added. 

  • Great quest goal!

  • Ooops - I was away when the new Quest started and forgot to sign up when I got back. Can you add me please. Goal is to stick with 3 runs a week, which will be a bit challenging as I have a few busy weekends coming up. Also I'd like my 3 runs to follow the myAsics HM plan that I have downloaded.

    Managed it last week. 3 7k runs. This was a change to my usual pattern when I usually do 2 shorter runs (a 3k and a 5k) plus a longer run (10k or so) But so far, so good !

  • Hiya welcome back I've added your name. 

  • I'm still sitting it out, but my Epsom salts should arrive today as recommended by MW and seconded by JuJu - hope they help!

  • Oh yes Curly, we used to feed epsom salts to the hosses just before their rest day.  You will certainly go like a rocket ;) 

    Joking aside, they are marvellous - can use 'em as a poultice, for bathing in, probably cleaning the sink, etc.  Good luck and hope they do the trick.

  • Still training for the 10mile run on 17th April! Did a short 4K on Wednesday, 8k on Friday and 14k on Sunday!!!! Longest run ever. Very pleased with myself. One yoga class too. 

  • Please count me in RFC. Quite a busy month for me as hubby is retiring this month and lots to think about. Haven't had chance to run much as a bit under the weather. But did Stepping Stones yesterday and planning to get back to 3x a week.

    Don't seem to have lost any fitness...my legs just keep on going..😁

  • Your name has been added, welcome back. 

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