Hope Springs week 6 - Feel free to join

Hope Springs Quest wk 6 - Feel free to join.

Got such a busy morning tomorrow so I thought I would get a head start by posting this tonight 

Hope for all those Hoping to get off the IC

Spring for either Spring or a Bunny Hops.

I hope everyone is is doing ok and those who are still on the IC couch are making progress.

What the quest is:-

The quest takes six weeks. You can join any time within that six weeks.

The main aim of the quest is to help you find a focus or goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the Quest period.

I ask that you will be a graduate or about to graduate to join the quest. The main reason I ask this is that while you are doing the program your plan is very structured so I wouldn't want the quest to interfere with that.

Most popular goals are:-

To run three times a week

To slowly increase distance

To train for a specific race

To add In Stretch and strength exercises

As you can see they are personal to yourself and it's totally your own choice.

Every week I will pin a new post where all the members of the quest can talk about how things are going.

So if you wanted to join all you have to do is put

I would like to join the quest, or count me in and then I would like to. ..............

Your name will then be added to the top post and every week your name will be in the quest until the end.

At the end, only for those that would like to, we each put out longest run of the quest and it is then marked on a virtual run.

























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55 Replies

  • Good week last week managed my final loing run before my HM. 16km.  A 5km and a 1km swim.  Next week is all about building up my immune system and gentle runs.  Wishing you all a happy healthy week. 

  • "Gentle" runs, sounds wonderful.  Tapering is bliss and marks the moment you can take stock of your event training and give yourself a pat on the back for the hard work you've put in.  Have a great week RFC! ☺

    I did a 12k yesterday, got through it just fine, more dog walks til Thursday, more strength training and 2 more runs this week.  So,  on track  (dare I say)😕

  • It's funny miss W I really don't enjoy tapering. Miss routine of running and get quite fidgety. Start thinking I'll forget how to run when I get to start line.

  • It was a good week, well done!  And thanks for the reminder to pay attention to the immune system, no need to burn the candle at both ends.

  • I making a few forays out, trying to get back into running without putting too much strain on my Achilles. I'm re-doing C25K from the beginning with one of each session instead of three. Two runs in and it seems to be ok so far. I have missed my running so much, and everything that goes with it, the fresh air, the planning, the poring over my stats, and the sleep! Back to my old insomniac ways, waking up at 2.30 AM is no fun!

  • Glad it seems to be okay so far, sounds like a solid plan. Poor sleeping is def no fun!

  • Welcome back!  I agree with lizziebeth, the plan sounds sensible.  Hopefully when you get a few weeks into it, the insomnia will abate!

  • Thank you, I didn't use to care, I'd just find something to do and stay up, these days I'm knackered by about 5 PM if I haven't slept properly!. Had a better night last night, guess it's working!

  • Only 2 for me (again) last week as I came down with a horrible cold over the weekend (weekend before last) I just did not feel up to getting out there until Thursday when I did a gentle 5k. Sunday I managed 8k, but again kept it gentle - just didn't feel up to upping the pace. I suspect the cold virus is still hanging around. Also I spent Saturday in Paris for a meeting which was a looong day (home at 11pm). Due to a "technical fault" in the metro, I did get a good long walk though. As I had 2 hours to get to my station I decided to walk rather than try a different metro route - which gave me 90 minutes of somewhat brisk walking.  Feet hurt today, but it must count for something ! Planning 3 runs this week, health allowing.

    happy running everyone.

  • Gentle running is still running, and walking counts too!  Hopefully you will feel better soon.

  • Taper week last week so did a 5k on Monday then a 2k with running grow on Wednesday plus lots of warm up and cool down stretching exercises then the BIG DAY yesterday. Great Edinburgh Run, 10 miles starting and finishing by Arthur's seat. First couple of miles were great, 10 min miles then the first of the looooong slow hills (Royal mile if anyone knows it). The rest of the run was pretty hilly and very tough. Hit a wall half between mile 7 and 8, I was almost immobilised (I think this happened at exactly the same spot fitfor60 hit it last year). She sailed through that part this year. The next mile and a half were not pleasant, but I did a combination of run walk run and got to the last mile most of which was downhill - yay. Last 300 metres were real struggle, kept thinking I was at the finish but wasn't :(   So not all fun but a lot of it was fine.

    In the end I did it in 1:58:02 and raised over £1000 for Alzheimer Scotland. Result. Very tired last night and went to sleep at 11 - then woke up at 12.45 - til 4.30! Hopefully get a better nights sleep tonight. Happy questing all and it will be back to 10k's for me now. 

  • Those are two greats: time and fundraising. Congratulations!

  • Thanks, I am so chuffed with the fundraising. Only once did a sponsored thing before and that was 31 years ago in aid of the striking miners and I was sponsored for every half hour I was in labour! Did well that time too!

  • Well done ! What a fantastic effort ! xxx

  • It really was an effort pops!!! Thank you x

  • Yes Beth your race experience was almost duplicate of mine last year. This year I consciously went slower at start and mentally was ready for mile 7-8. Do agree with you about last 300 metres. I always seem to get slower and slower at end of race when I can see the finish line. Def no sprint finish for me. But great achievement - you did 10 mile race and raised loads £ for your charity.

  • Thanks again Rona. If I ever do it again I would do more hills practice, more longer runs in prep, eat better at breakfast time, fuel earlier in the run and go a wee bit slower to start. Ah well, it's all learning xx

  • Exactly what I said last year Beth. But until you race that distance for first time you don't know how it will affect you. And to be honest on another day things might have been different. And 10 mile is a far distance especially for your first race. Glad to see you aren't saying never again. 

  • Ha ha, it is a big 'If' though :)

  • Two fantastic achievements - well done on both!  :)

  • Had a couple of runs last week but both felt a bit slow, not as much energy in the old legs as I would have liked. Possibly related to this, I also noticed yesterday that I am carrying a slight adductor strain so think I am going to need to rest up for a few days to let that clear. Beautiful day today, would have loved to have gone for a run. 

  • Ooh, those pesky adductors!  I believe that is what I've been dealing with for the past couple of weeks.  Rest and then careful attention + stretching have been working for me.  Good Luck!

  • Last week I had the longest run of my life; a 5m - where "m" stands for metres and not miles - towards a loo, courtesy of a nasty stomach bug that kept me company for the whole week. 🤒

    So after a week on the injury couch - or should I call it the "porcelain throne"? 😝 - tomorrow I am finally back to running.

  • Ha, ha! Good luck with week six!

  • Oh dear! Poor you.....

  • Hello Questers,

    I am happy to report that I successfully completed three runs last week: 4k, 5k, and 6k!  The last was so normal and I felt so strong and giddy afterwards, that I hereby declare myself to be over recovery.

    I also spent some time looking at my running log over the past few months, and I can see in March that I ran 26k more than I did in February, and 20k more than in January.  Doh! No wonder I started to break down!  What was I thinking?

    So to prevent such lunacy in the future,  I set up a mild, five month 10 mile plan at myAsics (thanks misswobble), which I will start tomorrow.  This week I aim for 5k, 5k and 7k.

    I also saw from my log that aside from two half hearted attempts and occasional modified myrtl stretches, I have done NO strength or stabilising exercises since January.   This is not rocket science, I am so irritated with myself! 

    I also aim to keep doing the stabilising hip exercises I have been using these past two weeks, and I am going to start doing the 30 day shred for XT.  I understand it is a killer so for this week, one round of level one, two times. Ab duvets are not shed in a day, after all!

    Have a fabulous end of quest!

  • I understand completely.  It's hard to keep track of everything we're doing and when running is going well it's very easy to keep reinforcing those successes.  

  • That's good news but that was a big increase in mileage over Jan to March.  You've got a plan now though and I think that will make a difference. It's so easy to up the distance when things are going well without giving attention to the other factors you mention. Hope you go from strength to strength from now on :)

  • Thanks runswithdogs and lizziebeth.  I submitted a doctoral thesis at the end of February, and I was feeling a bit lost and anxious.  Running was something I could control! 

    Lesson learned, and not too painfully.  I'm back on the track now.

  • Good luck with it - when is the next academic hoop?

  • That is the 64 million dollar (pound? euro?) question, GoogleMe .  Apparently my examination panel was rejected, and I have fallen into a bureaucratic limbo.  I've been told that no time estimate can be given, but also that I might have to very quickly prepare.

    In the meantime, I'm fretting and trying to figure out what to do with my life (besides run).   If I can arrange it, the viva will be held in proximity to a Saturday, so that when I fly into the UK, I can at least look forward to a parkrun :-).   

  • May as well have that as a priority!

    Good luck with it all, sounds a very disagreeable position to be in and no you can't run the entire time.

  • I ventured off the IC last week and did 4 runs, albeit very short times (10 minutes, 12,15 and then 20 minutes yesterday). I had to run the 20 minutes for the MRI scan today and will know on Wednesday when I meet the knee specialist whether I can come off the IC for good. My knee is still a bit achey and I'm fearful that the bruise is still not healed. But all will be clear in a few days!

    I have done exercises every day and gymed it three times, so am feeling pretty good.

    Have a fab last week questers and keep the faith those on the IC. 

  • Fingers crossed IP

  • Thanks floss. x

  • Good Luck your Maj, fingers crossed for good news xxx

  • Thanks poppy. Appointment is on Thursday, not tomorrow. I'm so excited I was a day ahead! Haha.  xxx

  • Fingers crossed and all the very best, IP xx

  • Thanks Annie. x

  • Hope the scan was good news IP.  Fingers crossed.

  • Thanks Slookie. Yes it was! I can run for 20 minutes max up to 3 times a week but need to see a podiatrist as my left foot turns out a tad. But I'm back running so I'm a happy bunny. 

  • Yay!  Brillyunt news.  

  • Okay, I am going for this.. Stay off the IC...most definitely and to try to increase to 7 K.

    First try tomorrow.

  • Oooh good luck floss! 

  • Nothing special to report this week.  I need to focus now though for building up to my 13 k in June.  

  • Posted what i want to achieve but. forgot to say, I would like to join the quest, doh... silly me!

  • I've left myself a lot to do this week: my km swim, my long run and that bit of weight.

    Was set to swim but then saw that the space in the pool might be compromised so waited an hour and then my husband appeared and wanted to come. I had a little smile to myself about how I've tried to make so many opportunities for him, and then he's up for it when I was planning to go by myself! So instead of my kilometre, I was only in the pool for 30 minutes, so couldn't do as much. 

    Did one faster but shorter run, but missed out on more due to all sorts of small complications, mostly things which contributed to general well being though. 

    Weight is going down but so slowly... but if I make my usual effort *and* do the swim and the run, it may well happen.

  • Two for me again - a 5 and a 10k and a Timekeeping stint at parkrun.

    Well done everyone.

  • Was running 10 mile Edinburgh race yesterday with Lizzziebeth 57 so taper week which I don't really like as I get fidgety not running as much as usual. Time was 1.57.21 so few mins slower than last year but felt much stronger physically and mentally so very happy and didn't have a wobble at mile 7-8 which I struggled with last year. After I ran 100 metre toddler dash with 2yr and 3 yr old grandchildren and then 1 mile family run with 5yr and 6 yr old grandsons. Its their first medals so they well chuffed. 

    I'll be away next week so won't be able to post so hope ok RFC if I just let you know that 10 mile will be my longest run. 

  • Thanks for putting this up again RFC , that was a great week you had by the sound of it , you will be good to go for your HM !

    I went out twice , a 5k and a 6.5k yesterday and used my hand weights for my arms 3 times . My biceps still look like knots on a string of cotton but Im not too bothered about that , just need some bits firming up a tad .

    Happy Questing everyone, and lots of TLC and soothing vibes for all those on the IC and for others who are experiencing tough times in their life, hang on in there, this too shall pass xxx

  • I am doing well and keeping up my quest of three runs a week. Visiting family this week so great to run somewhere different. On Sunday ran for an hour! Couldn't believe it! Looking forward to second run today taking a different route. Hope everyone else is doing fine.

  • Last week I ran two 10ks and a 5k.  One 10k was disastrous, but I learned from it.  The 5k was an absolute triumph and the next 10k was a good run.

    Fantastic?  Yes - except that now I'm broken :(  I appear to have some sort of chest infection which I suspect may be bronchitis or worse.  Off to the GP in a few minutes.  The thing is, I'm supposed to be running 10k tomorrow, 5k on Saturday and 10k on Sunday.  Perhaps I'd better not mention that, eh?

    Happy Questing everyone - we must be nearly at Cordes, surely?  Get the kettle on, Curlygurly2 :)  And a swift recovery to those on the IC x

  • Missed last week 'cos of yukky head and women-flu thing going on but back on it this week with an initial 5k including the walking bits start and finish.  Will build to 5k by end of the weekend  excluding the walking bits if it all feels ok.  

    Skipped exercise classes last week too, but full schedule booked for next week and have done yoga at home a couple of times.  On the upsides, the sugar free and (apart from 1piece of fruit p.day) resolution is going well and have noticed some peculiar differences!   

    Good luck Questers!

  • I haven't posted an update for ages :-( .  Completed a lovely Lakeland trail last saturday - labelled as 10k but was 11.93k - rather cheeky!  Lovely sunny weather on an interesting route.  10 minute wait after 2.4km in a queue to get scross a set of stiles!  Feet were already caked in mud by then, although to be fair that was the muddiest part early on.  then after 7k a big hill requiring 1.5km of hill walking - very steep, stony with a little trickle of water at times....I think only the ones right at the front were running here.  Then back down the other side, also steep and stony, muddy or wet.  I felt like a mountain goat :-) .  So overall it was a slow 5k although I did the final 0.93k in roughly 5.20 so quite a fast finish.  I had spent the day/night before in the lake District with my Mum, so a very pleasant couple of days.

    On 1 May I am doing the Birmingham Great Run 10k; I work close to the end of the race route so have been doing lunch time training runs once a week along the final third of the route whcih involves a fairly steep 1-1.5km.  Looking forward to it!

  • I am trying to run 5k.  Managed to get to 4.53k this morning after sitting at 3.8 for ages.  How chuffed am I ??

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