Hope springs eternal

Happy new year, all you lucky, lucky runners!

I never thought I would want to be on the IC but I can't even say THAT anymore!

My injuries have settled down but I am still not back to running properly because of a flare-up in my asthma after decades of it being well controlled. In 30 years it has never stopped me taking part in sport (I used to do loads in my 20s and 30s).

I got a cold in December that affected my asthma - no surprises there - but a month on the problem should be long gone! I have still been doing short runs (I went back to Wk3 C25K after injury) but while I am fine during the run a few hours later I will develop nasty asthma symptoms that last for two or three days. It may be the running and it may not be!

The doctor thinks the cold weather is to blame. He says I am doing all the right things (I've upped my medication and been blasted with steroids) but the lung inflammation from the infection, "can take longer to die down".

I'm puzzled that on the whole I've been so well with my asthma for so many years and right now it feels as if the bad old days of my childhood are back. Has anyone else heard of this?

Nevertheless, I remain undeterred! The other day I bought a new running top and new trail shoes in the sales for when I'm better. :-)

So happy running and happy new year everyone!


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11 Replies

  • That's weird that it should kick off again after so many years. How frustrating for you! Have you tried using a buff, just to warm the air intake a little as you're running? Could help maybe with the inflammation...

    Hope it all settles for you. Think positive, we're definitely on the way towards warmer weather :)

  • Thanks McFitty - yes, it is frustrating more than anything else. I do have another long-term lung condition that I'm being treated for, which I won't bore you with, which has never caused me a problem before. I'm sure it's the weather that's to blame!

    A buff is like a snood that skiers wear, right? That's a good idea. I haven't tried that but have a snood and will give that a go when I'm feeling up to a run, hopefully sooner rather than later. The other option is running at the gym, which is not my preference but better than not running at all!

  • A buff is usually thinner and stretchier - so more feasible for staying up and breathing through perhaps.

    I, erm, hesitate to say this but I wonder if the asthma changes are a menopause related thing?

  • GoogleMe... well, I never thought of that, but you may be right! My goodness. I hope not though - that means I am stuck with this bloody asthma.

  • Oh no, not necessarily, there is an 'out the other side'

  • Yes, I guess there is. Phew! But you may be on to something there. I looked it up and it said hormonal changes can affect asthma.

  • I don't have asthma but I remember gasping through my 'menopause year' (the one before I did C25K)

  • That is interesting, GoogleMe.

  • Poor you.. it is horrid when stuff flares up again!

    It is really weird weather at the moment. I am finding my breathing a tad odd, but I put it down to the cold.. I use my buff all the time..they are simply great! Also I suck a sweet, a sugar free polo, to keep my mouth moist :)

    Hope it sorts soon :) Just take it slow and steady!

  • So sorry to hear that you are suffering with your asthma. 😕 I do hope that you can take it slow and steady and get back to full health soon. 😊

  • Well, I have been out for a couple more short Wk3 runs and survived okay. My breathing is much improved but I still have some mild asthma symptoms, so not quite bad enough to stop me running!

    It is just great to be out there again, even if it is only for 10 mins at a time! I'd better not speak too soon though as those niggling injuries might rear their ugly heads again!

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