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It's been a while

Morning All. Not been around much lately due to having viral tendonitis and not being able to do a thing. After my first 10k in July and a lovely holiday in France in August doing lots of early morning short runs due to the heat I thought I had it in the bag - half marathon here I come - then nothing 😔 14th August was my last run and I've been ridiculously fed up since. I'm missing it so much but dreading starting up again, all my hard work gone 😓 sorry for the moan but as I'm hoping this nasty thing is coming to an end I need to start being realistic about starting back.

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The good thing is you are not alone! There is a lot of posts encouraging us thats either had injuries or just lost the way like me🙁 who are back out there & as you know the great encouragement here greatly picks us up to get back to it!! Its not that long a break but be sensible as you will have lost a bit of your fitness and go back to maybe week4-6 or wherever you feel most comfortable. I had a lot longer break so decided on week3 and to be honest that was perfect for me & just about to start w5 tomorrow. I was annoyed at myself as well but we did it before so you will still make that half marathon just a wee bit later though. Plenty with a lot more experience on this forum who i am sure will keep you right! You will soon be back on track happy running 🏃😊


I know what you mean about really missing going out for a run. Back in March, a few months after I graduated, I went down with a horrible chesty cold. It wasn't flu but was quite close. I wasn't able to run for 6 weeks and I was gutted. When you do manage to go out again be prepared to have lost fitness since the last time you went out. You do get back to where you were prior to your illness but it does take a while.

I'm now running 5-6k generally three times a week. It's still an exhilarating feeling knowing that you can be out there running when previous you struggled to run for 1 minute!! Take your time and just enjoy being back out there. I hope you manage to go out soon.


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