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Wk5 R3 - DONE!

I can’t believe that I’ve actually just run for 20 minutes without stopping!! Don’t get me wrong, it was a snails pace jog but I don’t care, I’ve done it.

For anyone looking at that run and worrying, please don’t. I kept telling myself 2 things - number 1, the programme isn’t designed to set us up to fail. It’s done like this for a reason and I need to trust it. Number 2, as Jo Whiley keeps telling me, speed doesn’t matter, just keep moving.

When the run feels tough or impossible, tell yourself these things and go for it! It actually is possible 😁

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Great Sarah well done I did it Monday and I actually thought it was easier because not stopping & starting but it was still hard going lol after 14 mins I had to dig deep but yes we got there 😀


Well done to you too. It’s a great feeling, I had a huge grin on my face when she told me I could stop running. We’re more than halfway through the programme now - we can soooooo do this!


Go you.. slow and steady and having a ball:)

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Absolutely loving it!


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