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Couch to 5K
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Hi all, first time poster here. Brief history- 44, fat and never exercised, but now on week 5 and loving it! I may not be able to manage all the run bits in the sessions but I am getting there. Anyhow, I can do 5 mins and had done the 5-5-5 run so was so pumped to do the run again on my group/assisted run cos I knew it was the first time I could manage all of it ....anyway I couldn’t. I only managed to run 2x5 and whilst I know this is a fab achievement for me , I can’t shake the gutted feeling about not being able to do all of it!!!

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It was a practice run, nothing more. Every run adds to your stamina bank and builds you running legs

Because you were 'pumped' as you say, chances are you set off too fast. So take your rest day, and then run it again, slow and steady. Make sure you walk at a pace that allows recovery...., save yourself for the running, you can already walk.

You will do this, we await your next post


Thank you so much x

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Hey Clur, no need to feel gutted, you are doing amazingly well, if you have come this far you'll get there no problem, keep posting as you progress. 😁😁😁

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Well done.

Perseverance pays off and the rewards are amazing.

Every run is training for the next one. Nothing is wasted and you are better prepared for the next attempt. You will do it and you will run for thirty minutes non stop. If it takes a bit longer to build your body up it just goes to show how much progress you have actually made.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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