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Stepping stones podcasts

First stepping stones podcast today, thought I'd give it a go after reading a few posts about them. Was pretty impressed with it to be honest...apart from the music that is, not my taste at all!! Though I found I could concentrate on the beat (which I guess is the main idea of the music) and tune out the annoying bits.

As for the run, I had a feeling I always start off too fast and I think following the podcast beat proved it to me, the run just felt smoother and more comfortable so all in all very pleased with it.

Only slight let down was that runtastic had a bit of a moment and after the 30 minute run I'd only covered 333 metres....seemed a lot further than that to me so I'll have to wait till Wednesday now and try again!!

So runtastic let me down but would recommend the podcasts for those post graduation runs!!

Think I'll stick with the Stepping Stones for the next week or so then maybe throw in the speed and stamina ones to mix it up a bit

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We recommend these for folk to try a few week after graduating.. they are fun and as misswobble says quite ... "Kick ass " :)

They do help with the disciplines in our running and many graduates still use them, solo or within other runs.. e.g I did a 6 K on Sunday, but used Speed for a 3K section :)

With stepping stones you really have to follow the pace.. I dislike it, but others love it :)

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It did take a while to get used to sticking to the set pace but on the plus side while I was counting 1,2,3,4 it took the focus off the music....so clouds and silver linings!!

Probably a question that's been asked thousands of times but....speed or stamina or a bit of both?

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Maybe a bit of both.. But I love Stamina.. and I love long, long, slow runs..


Ooh good to hear that ,I'm definitely going to try it this week too 😊

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