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Old school "rocky" style keep fit!

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So yesterday was a gardening day however one of my bantys escaped from the compound and got into my neighbours garden.

Now any fans of the rocky film will know where this is going, I had to go round and catch the said banty and believe me when they don't want to be caught it is not an easy thing to do.

I ran up and down, round and round with numerous times her slipping through my legs and off we went again with dashing to get in front of her to turn her back from straying even further.

After about 20 mins and both of us starting to tire I made a mad dive and it was thankfully game over

So anybody looking for a "new" exciting cardio work out banty catching is the way forward, maybe I could start banty catching classes in my local village hall

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Should have used your hat!

Hilarious! Sign me up!!

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I think we need to use this idea as a forum exercise.. well done you :) Great image :) x

Also, a few weeks ago you wouldn't have had the stamina to catch the little blighter, so another unexpected benefit of running. We should start a list!

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Banty catching...it’s got quite a ring to it!! I’d be up for it!!! 😂 what a vision!! 😉

BC25K , sign me up, fresh air quick cardio , what's not to like?

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That is hysterical - and what an excellent work out (for both man and hen!)

And Jancanrun, loving the BC25K name. Though in this case it's 5K2BC, surely? 😂

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Jancanrun in reply to Nobbywatts

Fair point, definitely got the b and c in the wrong order ...definitely chicken before egg.....

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