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Would you cry if a 4 year old beat you in a 5k parkrun

Went to my 21st parkrun at the weekend intending just to get round as had a bad nights sleep and queezy stomach. Halfway round I was giving in and decided to walk the rest. Then this family ran past with there 4 year old . I thought that if she can do it,I should give it a go.

I ran past them but before long they all passed me, the girl looking back at me smiling. We went on like this round the track and it turned into a cat and mouse game, taking my mind off my self.

On the last lap and I thought I had it in the bag. Then the mother said that there were chocolates when you finish. The little girl went into overdrive and just flew with me call out for her to save me some.

I chatted to her at the finished asking to check out her shoes to make sure she did not have wheels on the bottom. She took them off to show me "look no wheels" she said.

So I have challanged this runner 60 years younger than me and only on her 2nd parkrun to a rematch , with permission from her mum.............I can't wait.

The icing on the cake WE BOTH GOT A PB.😀

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No shame in losing to a 4 year old! Congrats on the PB!


Congratulations on your PB. :)

As for the kid - yep, we could all run like that when our lungs were still that new and we weighed only forty pounds LOL :)


Hehe lovely story, I love hearing about these little uns' running their little legs off. Have you seen the speed some of these toddlers can get up too, no shame there if you get overtaken.


That's absolutely lovely. More of this 'strangers' talking to children I say.

But nice you got a PB!


Haha! Brilliant story. :)

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Well done for getting round. Perhaps you should dangle a bar of chocolate on a stick in front of your nose ! Would that help ?

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Well done! What's a PB?


Personal best. In this case, could be their fastest 5km, or fastest time at that Parkrun. Can also mean your furthest distance, etc.


Personal Best ,

You register to join Parkrun online and are given a barcode (athlete number) which you take with you.

When you finish the race you get a token as you cross the finish line.

Then someone scans your barcode and token with their barcode reader.

Later in the day you go on your parkrun site and there is a full list of the race.

How many ran that day

What position everyone can

What time you ran

If you ran faster than you have before at a parkrun (PB)

How many parkruns you have done

And lots more details .............

Also once you have your barcode you can turn up at any parkrun anywhere in the world and run there too. This is added to your details . So when you click on your name in the run list you get your own readings

All your parkruns where ever you ran

Your fastest and slowers times

A yearly best time and position

Age grading

When you got a PB

All this and more all free, Parkrun really is great.........but don't tell everyone or I will be further back in the race .

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Never underestimate children. They always seem to win. Congratulations on your PB.

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That's great :-) Haven't done many parkruns but am used to being overtaken by small children :-D What's a bit more off-putting is being overtaken by someone pushing a buggy with 2 children in - lovely family outing but hard not to be put out that i can't keep ahead of someone dealing with pushing that load :-D


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