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post-grad run no. 3 - I can still run 30 min

So my aim post-grad was to fit in three runs before tomorrow and I've achieved it, consolidating the habit if not the 30 minutes yet. First two runs were short - on Friday I only aimed to deliver something and then run back home to take out the laundry I'd put on in a fit of organisation.

But this morning I thought I could spare the time for the whole 30 minutes, even after a lot of faffing with my Strap Savers to make one of my sports bras fit. I took another tip from here and picked a Desert Island Discs to listen to - I chose a celeb I know of and like, though, I'm not as ready to push myself out of my aural comfort zone as I am with the physical. With that on I got down the stairs and out the building.

I thought the traffic was light enough to bear running next to the main roads for a bit, so I went off up a road I've not run before but that links up to other roads I usually run down. Although I do mix up my routes, it was weird getting to roads I don't normally reach until a bit further in, so psychologically it was a bit tricky to realise I was only 5 minutes in at a certain point. Kept going steadily - ran past a couple of other runners, one of whom gave me a lovely grin! I momentarily considered, as I was running towards the Big Park, that maybe one day I'll run with people ...

Desert Island Discs definitely proving to be a good choice, apt too as the celeb grew up where I live now. I made it to Ranmore Avenue and then down into the Big Park itself where people were packing up having had a Sunday kickabout, and then some more packing up after some sort of intense fitness session. I don't know how busy the big park usually is but it seemed a bit empty - perhaps because the weather was glum. Music was the opposite though and T-Rex made me pick up the pace a bit. Back onto another main road that I've never run down, and who should pass but my grinning running acquaintance of ten minutes previously. Lovely!

Finally I started working my way back towards streets close to home - but these required some uphills! I think I would have walked had I not known that I could do them from experience. Was very tough but once I'd made it to the flat I told myself I could walk if I wanted - and I didn't! Went back and did a little loop to top the run up to about 30 minutes (I wasn't exactly sure of the time when I started, but I could only be a minute or so out).

Back through the small park for cool-down and stretches, and I pondered that it had been a bit of an assault on the senses - rotting, mouldy apples (thankfully removed from the footpath) ... other things that I have a phobia of ... emotional bits on Desert Island Discs, social interactions ... but every minute was great and a minute more spent outside exercising than I would ever have done 4 months ago.

Onwards and upwards!

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Great Ranmore Avenue appears again, I have quite an affection for it now!. Nicely done lady - 3 times. Great stuff

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It's the first area I imagine now when I think of my runs! When I first got all the way up to those nice roads with big houses and greenery everywhere and the Big Park that I thought was miles away - was one of my favourite runs. The well-named road itself is very short!

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Go you.. well done.. consolidation is the thing..but, varying the runs is so helpful, just fit a 39 minute in there somewhere.. short runs are fun,as are those longer, 'just see where you get to' runs:)

Every run you do is making you stronger, carrying on the building up of the legs and muscles, stamina and strength.:)

Very well done:)

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Yep, variety is good, though I'm also finding that "favourite" bits are starting to emerge!

*If* I manage to run this week, it'll be very varied as I'll be in Belgium. The two barriers I can forsee are a) work and b) the vast amount of Belgian chocolate I may need to eat.

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Love Belgium..not chocolate though..but..you..enjoy😉


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