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Week 5 - lessons learned :)

Hurrah, w5r3 completed. I was pretty slow but ran the whole 20 mins :)

This week I was experimenting with using strava to track distances/ times and trying a running soundtrack with faster songs to pick up the pace. Did a faster paced w5r2 but then suffered from it with sore ankles.

So took an extra day rest (I've been walking 4-6 miles on rest days anyway) with lots of calf/ ankle stretches, and went for a slow pace today.

Strava says it was my second fastest mile (strava, you wound me, it was the first mile I've run without stopping!)

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Try not to worry about pace at this stage - you can do that once you've graduated. You've made such good progress to get to where you are and it really doesn't matter if you are slow - in fact, at this stage, the slower you go, the less likely you are to injure yourself. Well done though - 20 minutes is a huge, huge achievement - I loved that point of the programme - the self belief really starts to build and you realise that graduating, whilst still challenging, is within your sights! Well done!


Running, learning, slower pacing, all sounds great! Definitely heed the wise words of RebeccaSK below :) . Though I definitely understand the temptation to track your stats, I forced myself not to on some runs in case I was tempted to push too far!

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Slow, steady..enjoy... that is all you need to do :)


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