Numb toes??

Two times now I have gotten numb toes while running. On the first occasion a week ago, I was trying out some new calf sleeves - and I thought then that they had maybe cut off the circulation in my feet. But it happened again yesterday - with no calf sleeves.

We are having a very cold spell here in Sub-Tropical Queensland, so when I went out early yesterday it was around 8C. I am thinking that maybe my toes just "froze" -- and it was very unpleasant to run that way. So - for those that live in much colder climates-- what do your think?? Do you get cold toes when running???

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  • I get cold and numb fingers and toes, they go white from time to time, sometimes blue until circulation returns. Raynauds Phenomenon which is fairly common I think. Just happens due to vasoconstriction when it's cooler. Sometimes in summer even.

    Could it be that?

  • First thing comes to mind- are your trainers too tight? I'd try lacing up slightly looser, especially across middle part of your foot.

  • Good point, yep I suffered from numb toes and it was my laces that were too tight, not suffered it since :-) xxx

  • I would also suggest checking your laces aren't too tight, I think sometimes that is why my toes get tingly. I don't run very far yet so maybe if I kept going then my toes would end up numb.

  • Don't think it is the shoes/lacing as I have now run 400 klms this year so far - and these two incidences are very recent - and only since this cold weather arrived.

  • If the calf sleeves have caused swelling then your 'old' lacing may well be too tight. I use looser lacing when I run with compression socks. It may take time for your feet to adjust.

    I started running in cold weather and haven't experienced that causing me numb toes.

  • I did think that it was the calf sleeves when it happened the first time -- but on the second time, I wasn't wearing them. The only thing in common with the two fairly closely related incidents was the cold. But I take your point about the lacing and have just posted about my playing around today with lacing.

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