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Damn, just short of 4km in 25 Minutes

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W7R2....I know that it's not a race and I know that slow and steady does it but I am trying to finish week seven by running 4km in 25 minutes - hopefully ;)

For tonight's 25 minute run, I pushed a little harder again and improved on Thursday's 3.83km by finishing at 3.96km. Yes I'm happy with the improvement in distance and also happy that my pace increased from Thursday's 9.17kph to tonight's 9.46kph.

It took a bit of doing but not too difficult, tomorrow my legs may tell a different story - time for a hot bath methinks.

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Just go with it.. the distance and speed can come later.. enjoy this journey :)

Well done you!

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FeegleGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you Oldfloss, slow and steady rules - I know...just stretching myself to see how it goes ;)

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