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Week 7, difficult start

So run 1 is in the bag but I found that really tough, it didn't help that because of technical reasons I ended up running without Mr Johnson in my ear.

That said, it's because of those reasons which have happened before that I bought myself a new toy, an actual GPS running watch, so I can record the activities regardless of the Bluetooth on my phone having a fit.

Here's what the hill on my run looks like according to Garmin!

Think I've landed funny on my left foot right towards the end too, top of my ankle feels a bit sore, I've got some ice on it, will have to see how I feel in a couple of days!

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I was reading the Guardian's 'how was your running week?' where lots of very experienced runners chat about the HMs and 32milers they have done (as well as the parkrunners of course) and what was clear is that even they have crap runs every now and again... Just put it down as one of those and (as long as your ankle is ok) move on with positivity :)

You are doing great :)

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That's a hill and a half.... take care of that foot, far better to rest up for a couple of days and see how you are. Good luck with the recuperation

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