I did my last run of 3 of week 8 today only got 3 more runs of week 9 the last week and I've completed it.......PROBLEM 😣 knee really paining me don't know why this is happening i haven't twisted it or anything and now I'm worried i won't b able 2 run nxt week any idea what i can do or y this is happening and if I can't run nxt wk how long will it b b4 I can and will I have to go back and do week 8 again .....feeling confused angry and upset 😢😢


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  • You can't run through knee pain. Give it a few days rest and if still a problem, any problem, go and see a physio.

    If you don't, and l didn't, you might end up in crippling pain (l did). In plain English, l was off running for 3 months. No messing with joints.

  • Agree with mrrun. Never run through joint pain and rest as much as possible. If you can see a physio do. They can help you understand why it happened and therefore how to prevent it.

  • Have you thought about your shoes? Some people have knee pain because their running shoes aren't giving the right support. Some running shops will do gait analysis to check if you underpronate or overpronate or have a neutral gait, and will then suggest suitable shoes accordingly. This has worked wonders for my ankle problem.

  • Well,,, as the other replies say..never, ever run through pain.

    As Razouski suggests, are you shoes okay. Also, now the runs are getting longer, are you still doing your exercises for strength and stamina on rest days... is your stretching and post run routine working for you ?

    Rest up and if the pain persists, then get it checked out :) You will be back on track soon I feel sure:)

  • Thanx Oldfloss I'm ashamed to say that I'm not and haven't been doing any other exercise in between so could this really be a reason

  • I am afraid it won't have helped:(

    Even when we do things by the book, things can happen, but it does minimise risk... Stretching after every single run is absolutely crucial... I did everything right, but still had an issue which kept me off the running track for a long time..back now though :) But the come back was quicker, with specific focused exercise too.

    Life can be busy, but if you build even an short exercise regime into your day it can really help...:)

    Try theses for starters..better late than never :)

    Can be done inside too... many of us used these alongside C25K :)

  • Mo-Mar I have been on the IC for the last 7-8 weeks with a sore knee. I graduated (with a bit of a sore knee - it hurt after runs for a day or two) and then went to do a Park Run. I basically did too much - although my body let me do it, it wasn't really ready for the intensity. I have had to rest it and it is finally feeling slot better - I'm just waiting for tight calf muscle to settle. I agree with the others, and don't think it's a good idea to run through pain. Rest up for a while and then do your week 8 again. Your graduation will come.

  • After having problems with my Achilles' tendons I do dynamic warm up stretches before the warm up walk prior to every run. I use these, they don't take long but get my knees and ankles ready...

  • Great thanks I'll give them a go

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