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Couch to 5K
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week 7 completed...slowly

So after a sore twisted knee shifting compost of all things i decided to give it an extra day off before trying w7 r3 even missed my pilates class wednesday as i couldnt kneel down. happy to say i took it oh so slowly being careful with the knee which is still a bit stiff but i finished it and felt great at the end, might keep that speed down through week 8. Cant believe i'm this close to graduating after struggling to manage 60 seconds only a few weeks ago. runkeeper said 3.6km so i reckon another 5 minutes will get me over the 4km mark easily, shouldnt be too big a stretch to get to 5 or am i getting ahead of myself now.

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Forget 5K... all you need is happy and comfortable 30 minute runs:)

Just stay slow and steady.... 5K may or may not come.. after Graduation :)

Well done you!

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Well done!! I did W7R2 last night and got 3.6km too, (it was the first time I actually remembered to turn on the tracking app and it was a bit freaky having Laura's lovely music interrupted by a voice telling me I had only run 1km!) Can't believe I'm here either, those 60 second runs seemed so hard not so long ago.

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