I work away from home 4 on 4 off and I’m currently squeezing my three runs into my 4 days off at present I’ve done up to Wk3 run2 but I’m doing for eg this week

Mon run

Tues Run

Wed Rest

Thurs Run

Fri sat sun mon work

Then tues run wed run thurs rest Friday run

Laura says to have a rest day between each run but it I do that I’ll not fit a weeks runs into my working week and this will take me forever to complete.

The question is am I likely to me making this harder for myself?


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  • Hi Gavmc

    Someone better informed than me will respond I’m sure - but you already know the answer to this! Yes, you need your rest days properly to recuperate and you risk injury if you don’t take them. Is there a way that it might be possible to run when you’re away from home - I find it really helpful to be able to run on work days, though it can mean an early start/late finish. Or, just take longer to do the course ... there’s no extra prize for keeping strictly within each week. Really hope it goes well - keep posting!

  • If I were you I'd just run twice a week. So a 'week' of the program will take you a little longer than those that don't work your schedule. If you want more exercise, mix it up on your rest days with a different activity - walking, swimming, cycling, weights. That'll give your legs a rest. Back-to-back days are tough going.

  • Hi Gav, firstly, nicely done on getting this far and sticking with it. If there is any way to get the runs into your working days either before or after your shift, it would be alot better for you, otherwise it may be safer to stick with two days a week and go slower with the overall program. This becomes a bigger deal as you move up to longer distances. The rest days are for muscle repair and rebuilding. Not taking them could put you at risk for injury. And if you injure yourself you could be off c25k and off work for a long time, which would be worse.

  • Thanks for the replies! At the minute my legs seem fine I don’t really get any issues as I’m still early in the program it’s my stamina I have Trouble with I’m taking my kit with me this week but it’s difficult to fit it in around work as I do 15hr days but I’m going to give it a try! I doubt very much I’d be able to keep the current routine up with much more distance cause I dare say that’s when I’m going to start with the leg pains 🙈

  • I did roughly 2 runs most weeks as I often took 2 rest days (or more). Near the end I slipped in some short non-programme runs e.g. a 20 min run between week 8 and 9 as I had left it a few days and didn't want to leave too big a gap, I didn't have time to do the whole scheduled run, and then just did the scheduled run another day, always still leaving rest days after any run day.

    You'll be fine that way and you definitely don't want to go down to zero days through injury! Good luck.

  • Bottom line is if you don't take the rest days, you will sooner or later do some damage as each run creates micro tears in your muscles which need to repair to make you stronger.

    Doing other exercise on rest days is fine, just not running. Don't worry about the 9 weeks thing, they are not strictly calendar, in fact an awful lot of us take longer to graduate. If you want running to be part of your life's DNA then taking a little longer to get to graduation, won't hurt at all.

    It's better to take time now, than to have enforced time away when you're injured.

  • My advice is two runs a week. It will take you just under 14 weeks rather than 9. The thing is as the runs get longer you will need the rest more and after graduation your working week will still be the same I assume. I would advise you start your good running habits right from the beginning. I train for a half marathon with two runs a week so it is more than possible to be a runner with just two runs a week. Your body will thank you for the structure as time goes on. Running is all about how it works for you.

  • Thanks for the advice and I will take heed I just thought as I had 4 consecutive rest days every week I’d be good but a day off in between in future

  • Aside from the risk of scuppering the whole thing through injury, the real clue to the fundamental issue is that notion of it 'taking forever' The point of doing the programme is to facilitate making running part of your life long term... so it really doesn't matter if you 'take forever' because if all goes well you will be running 'forever' and fitting it into the life you actually have rather than some ideal life.

    But bravo, because it isn't easy with such a demanding existence and you are doing so well.

  • Hi

    I tend to slip other things in between such as swimming, weights with upper body, walking etc

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