Resting is best thing?

Having developed this tender sore ankle and having read lots if helpful posts on here about dealing with injuries, I am trying to convince myself that I should give my ankle an extra day to rest. This would mean shifting off my running days pattern of mon, wed, fri weekends off. It could lead to things going off-kilter next week as I won't have two rest days before start. I'm a pattern sort of girl! But it is also frustrating as effectively I am 7 runs away from completing the programme. Just trying to listen to my body. Also I was wondering if anyone can tell me where the pinned posts have gone on the new site as there used to be a helpful link there for stretches and I really feel I need to concentrate on that now. Thank you!


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    Is this the one you mean? Good luck and hope your ankle feels better soon! We are at the same point. I have w7r3 in the morning - doing it at a local parkrun - my first one!

  • Thank you Panda! I'm off to try stretching. Oh big good luck for the park run. I kinda fancy that too - who'd have thought I'd ever say that! Think I'd need to definitely improve pace for that but it should be an experience running with lots of other people. I'll be interested to hear how you get on. Thanks again.

  • Thank you! I'm looking forward to it. I will do my 25 minutes run then see how I feel to carry on! I'm a slow plodder so should get over the finish line on Wednesday! ;-) haha! It's the summer solstice picnic tomorrow at park run so I've picked the right one to start! :-) Happy stretching!

  • Ah lovely that should be a nice introduction! I hadn't thought about just doing my target at the park run. If this ankle improves I'll maybe think about it too. Fingers crossed for picnic weather!

  • Sorry to hear about your injury but hopefully, by giving it an extra rest, it won't develop into something more serious and lay you off for longer. Good luck :)

  • Thanks for your wishes Paul - just annoyed as I felt I was getting into this running lark! I want to keep motivated. I'll maybe try tomorrow although it is a bit niggly today.

  • You're welcome. I think it's natures way of keeping us grounded ;)

  • Hi Hennypenny

    My sympathies , I know how frustrating it is, I got to Week 9 Run 2 then had to put off my graduation run for a bit because of my ankle/foot , so I can understand how you feel. Personally , I would rest it . I know you want to get out there and do it , but if you just look at the big picture for a second, what harm is a extra couple of rest days going to do ? Don't want to alarm you , but if you run with it now and its not right, you could aggravate it and be out for possibly weeks .

    I have come to the conclusion that we need patience by the shedload to be a C25ker :-)

    I think when you get niggly injuries like this, the mind games kick in and because of the disappointment you tend to think you will lose your motivation etc, but don't listen to the demons , you WILL overcome this :-)

    Good luck and hope you feel better soon :-) xxx

  • Make sure you take that extra day even if it means putting out your routine next week. The stretches are still pinned to the right of the screen. Well they are on mine but then I've not migrated to the new site yet. If you can't see them then try the NHS Livewell web site as it should be on there.

    Good luck

  • Thanks poppypug and misswobble - just wondering if you rest for several days do you just try and pick up where you left off or do you repeat a few earlier runs. I'm thinking if I try to wait until next week I could repeat week 7 or would I need to go back to week 6 - I should have done wk 7 run 3 today. Thanks for the advice

  • If you're only taking a few days rather than a few weeks, then I'd suggest trying W7. When you've finished then you can decide exactly which run it was. If it feels good, then call it R3. If you're not quite sure, call it R2 and then do W7R3 for your next run. If you don't manage to finish the whole run then consider going back to W6, but hopefully you won't need to do this.

    Just be sensible and listen to your body. If your ankle plays up while you're running then stop, and if you can't manage the whole 25 minutes then don't push yourself if it's physical rather than in your head.

    Hope you are are soon back up and running :)

  • Thanks running - I like your thinking and that helps to look at it run by run not week by week.

  • If you can't see the pinned posts, you may be on the Community page, the one with the running feet banner at the top. Just below the banner click on All posts and you will find the Pinned posts on the right hand side of the page you land on. I would recommend that you always do all the stretches after every run. Delaying your progress by an extra few days, to get over your injury, is nothing in the scheme of things and worth doing. Good luck.

  • Thanks Iannoda - I've found the pinned posts - I was just getting used to the previous site and then moved to the new one do still orientating myself. Also on the iPhone so you don't get the overall picture. Yes I really think stretches are what I'm needing to do - I'll need to get up even earlier!

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