Remember we are unique!

I love reading the posts on here but one thing that jumps out (& I’m guilty of) is comparing to others and seeing ourselves in a negative way! Why are we like that???

We are learning to run, apart from a few set backs, we are doing GREAT. Most of us have gone from non runners to being pro-active in looking after our bodies. We support each other, we achieve, we need to celebrate more -so for all u folks, no matter what week you are on, a massive “WELL DONE” and keep going, you are making a difference to YOU and that is the best thing ever!


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12 Replies

  • You are so right, and we do often forget that. It isn't a race or a competition for times, it's a celebration of your own achievement for you and your health

  • My favourite film.

  • 😂😂😂😂...I can just hear us all shouting all this to you Tomas!!!! Lol...brilliant!!

  • Yes. It is no good comparing to others and yes, we all do it as we are brought up to compete. We are all different, built differently and have different capacities for exercise. My husband despite two major health conditions, one current the other hopefully past, runs up to 10 or 12 k at a time and has little difficulty with it, which I am really pleased about for his sake. I accept the fact that I would not be able to run that far and I will be delighted if I can run 5 (or even 6)k. To me that would be brilliant.There are some real athletes out there who do it just for fun, but for most of us, just getting out there is a major achievement. I am incredibly impressed with the major hurdles that others on this forum are dealing with and and have gone on to graduate or are still going. So meantime I 'd better get out there for Week 6 Run 1. Got to be easier than the last one as there is some walking to do. Good luck anyone else doing their stuff today. Thanks Jaxxmal2 for putting up this positive post. xx

  • It is what we tell folk all the time... your journey, your way, and there are very many positive posts to that effect too :)

  • I all honesty, I never compare myself to anyone. If I did I'd probably turn the coin, go away and become a monk.

  • I think you must be a saint if you NEVER compare yourself to others.

  • I think we are in a society that encourages comparison which isn’t always a bad thing, I just feel it’s sad when comparing makes someone feel bad or not good enough x

  • lol, far from that ;)

  • I'm glad I saw this timely reminder. My boss ran <ridiculous distance> at LUNCHTIME. Once I'd put my eyes back into my head I remembered that we are indeed all different and that my couch to 5k (ahem, nearly finished) is just as much of an achievment for me.

  • Comparing oneself and ones performance to others is perfectly natural and quite sensible as long as one does it in proper context and the conclusions one draws from the comparison are balanced.

    The fact that we all experienced similar calf and knee aches in the first weeks is a useful comparison, for example. Knowing what sort is times graduates of your own age/ experience are running their 5ks in reassures a lot of new runners that they are not running too slowly. there are some really good websites that have scads of data on all sorts of exercise statistics for typical performance of beginner/novice/intermediate/advanced across all the age groups. I refer to them quite often to get a benchmark for the sort of numbers I should be looking at for various exercises, rather than just guessing, or worse, gauging by the performance of people Insee who are 20 or 30 years younger than me or have been doing said exercise for decades already.

    The compulsion to judge oneself negatively by comparison to others is, I suspect, a character issue/ insecurity and sports performance is just another excuse for it. Feeling sad or inadequate because someone else can run faster or lift heavier is no different to them being thinner, having a better job/ nicer house/ more money/ nicer car/ whiter teeth/ more followers on IG.

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