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It’s not always a Breeze...W6R1

So there we were, my friend and me, she on W2R2 and me on W6R1, on a beautiful still Sunday Autumn morning, amid trees and lakes of wonderful colour, shape and texture.

But we both tired easily and our legs ached.

After my euphoria of W5R3, I foolishly thought of picking up the pace from the start (“this is only 5 mins; how hard can it be?”) and then by the last 5 mins, I was having to push very hard to get to the end. It was, I think, a consolidation run after the 20 min. non-stop, but I am not sure that I consolidated anything. I was also tired from the start, after several

late nights and early mornings.

But, onwards and upwards and at least I did get through this session. Looking forward to a better performance on Tuesday!

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Thanks for the warning - my run tomorrow - I think I will keep it sloooow and steady!! Had thought the same to try and increase my pace but maybe best to just make sure I get a more comfortable run than previous.


People seem to want to increase the pace all the time. Why?

This is about running ultimately for 30 minutes. It is about time. Not speed or distance. Keep to the same speed and pace that has got you to where you are now.

Slow and steady.

Then slow it down a bit more.

Ultimately, 30 minutes is 30 minutes no matter if you are walking, jogging or sprinting. But for 30 minutes which can you sustain?

Slow it down. Then a bit more.

I really really struggled on W6R1. It’s weird but if you look on the forum you’ll see that everyone seems to have their 1st ‘bad run’ in W6.

Have I mentioned keep it slow?


Agree.... what GingerBohemian said😊.x

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Blitzy I think loads of us fell at this hurdle or nearly did. I actually bombed on this one. GingerBohemian is spot on at this stage it's not about picking up the pace it's all about picking up the time on the track,trail, treadmill or tarmac.

I do think though that we fall into the trap of thinking as we get fitter that fitness should always equate to fastness!

If you were also tired after some heavy days and nights too, it's a miracle you did it. Still we learn something every time we run...

Take your time on Tuesday after all these 9 weeks should just be the start of your running life, so really there is no hurry!

Happy running next time out

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