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Week 5 c25K ahead

Hi all, I just finished C25K Week 4 yesterday. I feel okay, though the right side of my right heel feel a bit sore. I've walked it off and it's fine now. Usually I feel it when I make turns.

I just want to ask what to look for in Week 5. Clearly this week's workout looks like a grade, with each workday's workout heavier than the previous day. Day 3 sounds pretty exciting---20 min jogging with no walking.

Any ideas on how you felt marching into Week 5 from Week 4? Thanks.

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Completing the 20 mins feels amazing - I did mine today. It does seem like a big ask on paper but you have put in the work and will be more than ready. Shall await your achievement post! Good luck

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Just take it, one slow step at a time and you will be fine... :)


Week 5 Run 3 is a big milestone. Just take it slow and steady and keep going. You'll feel incredible afterwards.


Week 5 day 3 is the most emotional run on the prepared for the biggest sense of pride when you complete it....I was nearly in tears at the end of it.


Completing week 5 for me was knowing I could go on and complete the programme. As others are saying it's an emotional and exciting one!


Hi all I've just found this forum and have completed week 5 run 1 this morning. Really nervous about run 3 and hope I can do it! Glad to see this post reminding me others have done it so it's possible.


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