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Advice please plan interruption

Hi all, I last wrote after completing w6 -had been out all day training dogs, got soaked, then did my run. The next day (Sunday) I woke up full of cold 😷😫

I decided to not try run on tues or yesterday- I have to remember I had chemo 4 months ago... so don't want to try it and fail, or halfkill myself.

So, I'm feeling better today, still full of snot but feel stronger. I'm having a riding lesson this eve, and my normal pattern would be to run Saturday. So, do I repeat last week completely (w6) or try to start week 7 and just move my plan days..? Advice welcome!! xx

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You can only fail this plan if you retire permanently to the couch. Not completing a run is not a failure, it just means you have found the level that you have reached. Repeating that run makes more sense than repeating one you have previously done.

You will only know what you can do when you try..........we certainly don't know.

Don't worry about "failing", just go out and run. You may surprise yourself.


I may be reading this wrong, but you did week 6 but want to start week 8? What happened with week 7? If I’m reading correctly, you should be doing the next run in the programme which is week 7 Run 1?

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You're quite right- I lost the plot this morning! It should b week 7 I was due to start this week! Off to edit the post 🤣


You had me all confused. Ha ha. I’m that case I’d say just go for it. I’ve had a 2 week gap between week 7 & 8. And I’ve now had a 2 week gap since graduating. Due to illness and injury. It’s amazing what you can do though. Especially seeing you’ve been through chemo just 4 months ago! That’s amazing that you are doing this at all!! Well done and good luck with week 7 xxx


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