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Weekend runs only

I've recently graduated from the C25K program in August and has been able to consolidate the 30 minute runs for a few weeks since then. I've also managed to reach the 5K distance a few times recently though at a slow pace. My problem right now is that my work situation has changed in September and will only be able to run on weekends. My worry is if I can run on weekends only, I will eventually loose the level of fitness that I gained while training and running 3x a week during the C25K program. Or it will take considerable time to achieve the goals that I've set for myself which is to improve on my 5K time and eventually increase distance to 10K.

I'd like to seek advice then on what will be the best plan for a weekend warrior. I'm sure 3 runs are better than 2 but can I realistically expect to achieve my goals even by just running on weekends? Right now, I do a 5K run on Saturdays and a 30 min one on Sundays and plan to gradually extend the distance of my Saturday runs. I also worry about running on consecutive days that it might cause me an injury.

Happy running to all!

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I would worry too. I would urge you to think creatively about your weekday work. Is it that it's irregular? How can it be the whole entire day? Or do you think it will be too draining?

The thing is it's not like you can shut your health off for five days a week. And with a job so taxing how will you have the energy for two runs on weekends? And guaranteed if you do a long run on Saturday you *won't* be recovered for a short run Sunday. Also the injury likelihood will go up. I'm not trying to put obstacles in your path, but I really would look very seriously at the five days -- you don't have an hour to yourself anywhere in that time?


Assuming that you had not run before C25K, then running on consecutive days is far too early for you, in my opinion.

You would be better off doing something else such as cycling or swimming on the Sunday which would be good complementary exercise. This will help maintain your stamina without the risk of injury to your running equipment.

It takes many months to develop good strong running legs, but will obviously take longer if you can only run once or twice per week, so please be careful.


Running on two days consecutively is a bad idea...if the work situation has changed.. then surely you could still run early or late?

As IannodaTruffe says.. your need to take care :)


Oh, please don't try that. You say 'might cause an injury'. l say it will definitely take you to a physio for a spell. I know, l went through that. It's frustrating, painful, potentially expensive.

My work situation once meant there was no way l could run day times or eves, so l ran dawns when needed. Easy? No. Rewarding? Hell, yeah.

Please look after yourself and take rest days!


Thanks for all your responses and I hear your advice on not running consecutive days to avoid injury and I agree that recovery is really important. I listen to my body while doing the weekend runs and I guess I've only been lucky so far not to have any sharp pains so will stop doing that before its too late. I've never done any running before C25K as IannodaTruffe has guessed and at 49, recovering from injury will be painful and frustrating as mrrun says.

My weekdays now are 12 hours including the drive through heavy traffic in Manila and Mondays and Fridays are worse. Finding time will be a challenge and as ejvcruns put it, how will I even have the energy to do consecutive runs on weekends. I will have to put safety first as a priority before anything else. Running has changed me in many ways and I don't want to loose it this early and injury will certainly accelerate the slide. I've been amazed at my progress and I believe I've found something that helps me handle other aspects of my life. So will surely be creative in finding time to make sure I recover enough between runs and when I can't on weekdays, i guess I will do something else other than running to maintain the stamina like cycling as @IannodaTruffe suggests. Progress to my goals will be a lot slower but still better than nothing.

Thanks again for your support and appreciate your concern about keeping safe. Happy running!


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