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Possible half marathon training!!!!!

Hi everyone,

Just wondered if anyone has any suggestions of web sites or books I can read to look at possibly building up to entering a half marathon within the next 6 months or so!

I completed C25K during the summer of last year, and have been regularly running 3 times a week, two 5k runs in the week, and time permitting anything between a 5k up to 12k at the weekend.

I have managed a run (just the one!) of 16k, but had intervals of walking thrown in quite often!

Any tips or advice very much welcome!!!!!



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There are two other Health Unlocked forums, which grew out of this one. Bridge to 10k and also the Marathon Training and Race Support.

Just click on the My Communities button and use the Browse Communities button.

You will find familiar faces on both of these sites as well as the usual level of advice, support and inspiration.

Good luck.


I was about to say about the marathon and race support forum (it's for half marathons too), which is here:


A lot of us use the MyAsics free training plans, they are pretty good:



Hi mand3966

I would try entering a few 10km races and even a 15km and see how you go.

My Asics plan is great when you need to decide on the kinds of distances you need to cover and take it from there. I am doing my second HM on Sunday using this program

Runners world website also has some great advise. :)

Hope this helps


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