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Week 5 run 2

Week 5 run 2

After some really wild and windy weather the last couple of days it had settled down again this morning so I was up with the larks and pulling on my running gear and shoes. I was on my way just before 7am.

I set off for the first 8 min run and before I knew it Jo was in my ears telling me I was half way. I've heard other people say that but not really believed it but it just happened, 4 mins had gone by. There is something about being half way through that pulls you along towards the finish because you know there is less in front of you than you've already done.

I felt that I could keep going but slowed for the 5 min walk. It's not that long since I was literally screaming in my head for Jo to tell me to slow down and that the run was over. It's amazing how each week sets you up for the next.

Run 2 started just at the same time as a song with a long, slow, quiet intro. It was odd running without something playing in the background even just for a short time. However there followed a couple of slower songs that I forgot were in my playlist. You try running to Johnny Cash singing Hurt! Lol. Note to self, review the playlist before run 3 🙂

Before I knew it Jo was back with a 60 second notice and it was soon time to slow down again. I'd done it. 2 blocks of 8 mins of running. Wow! This is the entire running time of week 1 run 1......and I did it not once but twice!! 4 weeks ago i never imagined being able to run beyond 60 seconds ever and now I am looking forward to the next challenge of running for 20 mins. I think I must have been abducted by aliens or something.

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Great work, Ren! And running to "Hurt' by Johnny Cash?! What were you thinking? Now, I loves me a bit of Johnny Cash, but no way could pace my run to his stuff! In fact, I have just got myself into a Prince / Madonna / Gaga rut (but I love it for running).

And yes, totally amazing how each week sets you up for the next week's challenge. It is magic, and I have faith in it (even though the language I would use to describe run 1 of week 6 is not suitable for broadcast).

Keep up the brilliant work. :-)


Nicely done and loving the kit....


Aliens? Not a bit of it - you're just discovering the inner running bug that apparently is lurking in all of us waiting to be unleashed!😊

Congratulations on a fab run - rest well and then enjoy R3!

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Great eh ?

Who would have thought that alien abduction could be such fun.. ( Mulder would not agree though.. maybe she didn't run)..

Go you!

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