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so tried to do 3rd run 2nd week tonight and failed miserably. had the most awful pains just below my inner knees and really struggled to lift my legs at all. managed to run for about 20 seconds before pain caused me to stop. feel totally gutted after having such a positive start. yes im overweight and am new to running so any ideas on how to progress gratefully received , really don't want to give it up

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No. 'f' words please.... This could be a run that went a bit pear shaped for any number of reasons:)

You need to stretch and really rest up. Make sure before your next run, you warm up properly and that you stretch after each and every run too.

Are you putting in some stamina and strength exercises in on your rest days...Plus, you need to try, when you run, to slow right down. Try to land lightly and take it really gently...you should be fine:)

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Listen to Oldfloss , she really does know what she!s talking about. Strengthening up those joints on your non-running days will be of real benefit. Lunges and squats might help. You could also download the Strength and Flexibility podcasts and use those.

Plan in some rest from running. If it's planned then you know you are only having a temporary respite and won't be tempted to give up.


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