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Sunday morning trotting, and back on track!


Hello! I actually managed to sneak in a run yesterday and I am considering it my long-awaited W7R3 as it was just over 25 minutes without walking intervals. I set off without particular expectations since, as you know, I've been very sporadic lately what with my sore foot and knee and ongoing difficulties about getting around my condition of house arrest :) and thought I would probably take pauses and so on, but I was OK to keep going once I'd got started. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I went out at about 7.15 am which is late for me, and was amazed at how many Sunday morning runners I encountered along the way (I am usually out before everyone else, I think). It was lovely and I enjoyed all the happy greetings and sense of easy camaraderie. I can definitely feel the consequences of not running much at the moment - it was far more of a struggle to me than usual but I stopped when I was ready - I didn't push beyond what felt like a sort of healthy discipline. My knees had a kind of tired soreness during the rest of the day (but both of them equally, not just the previously dodgy one, and no actual pain) and they are both absolutely fine today so that's good.

Also, I don't know why I had never before given any consideration to the fact that the street running along the back of my offices is called Via dei Corridori - Runners' Road! It must be a sign!!

The photo is another glimpse of Trajan's forum, one of the many places I've fallen in love with again as a result of running in Rome.

Hope you all have a good week. xx

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Well done on getting back on track I wondered if you had managed to get out as I looked yesterday to see how you got on but you had'nt reported in but it was clearly a success and you sound a lot happier for doing so. Just the six runs now and then the world is your oyster.

Yay well done sneaking a run in...especially with all the difficulties of finding the time. Glad your knees are holding up and not giving you gip...

Runners Road is almost as good as icklegui and Ranmore Avenue...

We could have a runners' A to Z

ickleguiGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

It's better, surely everything sounds better in foreign! I've learnt so much more Italian than I would have expected from hanging around here!


Ah, glad that you have reported in and I agree you sound happier for your run. It must be amazing to be running around Rome, especially now it's a bit cooler. Even running once a week is better than fretting on the couch. Things will get easier I'm sure

When I was a kid I was obsessed with ancient Rome and the Romans. Your picture reminded me of the hours I spent drawing the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns. I was a strange child.... :)


That’s the spirit Helene....I am so glad you managed to get out & all was ok...& what a beautiful setting!!?! I hope you manage a couple more runs this week as I know that will make you happy 😃....have a lovely week too xx

HeleneCorsaGraduate in reply to Mummycav

Ooh thank you MC! I think this week is looking tough too - just cannot find the cover for the children and am insanely busy. I will do what I can but failing that will content myself with another Sunday morning run as my husband will be home again at the weekend - three weeks running, we are very privileged! It's my daughter's eleventh birthday on Friday so, to add to the usual chaos (and the ridiculously busy time at work) I have party stuff to attend to but that's all fun anyway...

How is the postgraduate running going?! Are you using any of the C25K+ podcasts or anything, or just getting out there and having fun as the fancy takes you?

Plus I have the decorators in (by which I mean I really do have decorators in, not the Aunt Flo type!!) They're just doing the corridor at the moment - loads of plaster came down from round the doors when there was that scary spate of earthquakes, and I've only just got round to dealing with it! xx


I’ve had a thought.....have you considered moving to Yorkshire? There’s a lovely house for sale up the road, I could help with childcare while you go off running & remember the runs I have can be quite exciting! It’s never too hot to run either & you could work a few less hours seeing as you’d have no childcare to fork out for?!!!! That’s the only solution....

Kidding....a run once a week is ok for now, if you try & squeeze another one in it will create even more chaos & might end up you giving up, A’s least the runs that you do manage you’re not taking for granted as you never know when the next one might be x

My 2nd post graduate run tonight went well & it was raining, my fav weather for running....enjoy your run on Sunday, just keep checking in here when you get the time otherwise we’ll be worried that you’ve left us!! xx

HeleneCorsaGraduate in reply to Mummycav

Ooh, I love Yorkshire! I lived in Leeds for six years. The countryside is divine and people are so friendly.

I have a blooming cold now, so I hope that clears up soon (my littlest has the sniffles too - he's just four and you know what it's like - nurseries and preschools are terrible illness incubators). My first concern when I started feeling a bit grotty was "it'd best be gone by Sunday morning, I've got a run waiting for me!", though I should probably be worrying more about having to take ten preteen girls out for a meal tomorrow night - I may have to have a restorative cocktail and hope the kids don't have to carry me home! :D

And... no chance of me leaving you! I knew this would be a tricky period but my current situation is not sustainable so I'll have better arrangements in place asap, which should free up a bit more me-time. xx

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