Fed Up Without Sound - and no gremlins involved

Had a difficult run this morning which I'm hoping was a one off. No sound and this time it wasn't the fault of some techno gremlins...

On Friday I woke up with a strange and uncomfortable feeling in my left ear. Having had sudden and profound hearing loss in my right ear 2 and a half years ago, leaving me permanently deaf in that ear I was a little anxious. My balance was also even worse than usual and I could hear very little in my good ear.

Yesterday Mr R drove me down to Wiltshire and I was determined to run this morning. But what a strange experience. Much as I love running away from home it just didn't seem right. I couldn't hear so my earphone was consigned to the bedside cabinet as I set off.

No playlist, no Mapmyrun voice telling me how far I'd gone...

The countryside was beautiful, but running in virtual silence just didn't seem right. So then I started thinking about all the different tracks people have been suggesting on the forums lately. Jancanrun and Antet you were definitely with me this morning, and I did my best to "play" one or two of our New Romantic tunes in my head. But it's just not the same.

I'm just hoping that my left ear will get better soon.


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  • Fellow retro runner, this is an absolute disaster I know how much you love the music, and all the alternative lyrics you produce, they make me smile whenever they appear. I do hope this is just a physical glitch and nothing more. All my best wishes from Italy.

  • My goodness, hoping you are off to the doctor now! Good luck and congrats for continuing your run.

  • Phoned my consultant who told me to go to GP. I managed to get an appointment with the nurse who said it's probably an infection and gave me antibiotic spray. I'm just hoping it will start to work soon. When I lost my hearing in my right ear I was devastated, but I have learnt to adjust, but it's much harder with both ears failing to work. I really hope this is only temporary.

  • Hope it gets better soon!!

  • Me too, Jancanrun , it's not just running I'm worried about either. I struggle enough with my relatively new hearing impairment, and gave up my job because I couldn't hear the kids at school (I can't hear over background noise at all) , so I'm not sure how I'll cope if I'm permanently deaf in both ears. Have had a few tears this weekend at the thought.

  • Fingers crossed then it's an infection - and it can be sorted with antibiotics, I can quite understand your fears and tears, especially given the decency of your hearing loss in the other one. Thoughts are with you and hoping you will be okay.

  • 😰

  • Oh Razouski, that would be so difficult to have your music forced away like that. I can't imagine what a challenge that must be. I hope your left ear heals up very soon

  • Go back if it doesn't improve quickly, as it's your better ear. You might need some different treatment.

  • That sounds scary,hope it improves soon for you x

  • Fortunately my balance is starting to improve as I know I will be challenged by the Red Funnel Ferry on Sunday!

  • So sorry Raz, fingers crossed it gets sorted out soon.

    Best wishes.xx

  • How scary for you given your history. Hopefully it is just an infection and you'll be back listening to your playlists soon 🎢. As someone already said, if you don't notice an improvement soon, make sure to get in for a follow up ASAP

  • I can understand some of your pain and worries. I was born monaural so have never had hearing in my left ear. A bad cold can wipe out my good ear and it's scary how isolated that can leave you.

    Hopefully the nurse can help, and it comes back. Keep an eye on it and any pain in the good ear should be checked over.

    Also, in cold weather protect your ears, I was always told to wear a hat.

    One thing to consider is learning to lipread. I am going to start soon hopefully, need work to okay me doing Flexi hours but there is an organisation which offers free classes. There are also a number of support groups who may help.

    Stay positive!


  • Thanks Nell for your reassuring Yes it does feel rather lonely with no hearing, and perhaps I should look into lip reading classes. Fortunately I have a little hearing returned to my good ear this morning so fingers crossed 🀞🏽 the antibiotic spray is working.

  • Good to hear there is an improvement.

    One thing though, there are advantages to hearing loss. Snoring partners, just turn onto good side. Selective deafness and legit excuse to ignore people 'sorry, didn't hear you'.

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • That must be very upsetting and quite scary too. If there isn't an improvement today, go back and see the GP if you can - if you're away can you book in to see someone where you are? Given that you have no hearing in the other ear, I'd say this is a case for an urgent appointment. I hope you get better soon.

  • Thanks Anniemurph. Although still uncomfortable, my "good" ear seems to have some hearing today so I'm hoping it will return to normal in time. I've got an appointment with my GP on Wednesday as we don't get home until tomorrow and the local medical centre have been unhelpful.

  • I’ve got everything crossed for you Rasouski...sending you a big Yorkshire hug xx

  • Only just seen your post so sorry to read this. Glad you're feeling a bit more positive about it in your next post but not surprised you were feeling low xx

  • Really sorry you have been poorly, but pleased that your good ear seems to be improving , let’s hope it continues

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