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First 5k

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and this is my first post. I think I must have a different C25K to everyone else as mine only goes to 8 weeks then it's run the 5k.

I have to say I'm not finding it easy at all, I'm up to week 7 and have completed day 2. Which is to run for 25 mins but the last 5 mins is an absolute killer! I'm putting it down to the heat, I live in Barbados where the temperature is a contestant 30 degrees so I run in the evenings when the sun has gone but it's probably still 28/29.

So far in my 25 min run (well more like a shuffle) I'm covering 2.3 miles (3.7km). I'm guessing in time my speed will pick up? I had originally started running to take part in a 5k in December when the run Barbados marathon weekend is on. I'm having a go tomorrow at a Breast Cancer 5k walk or run. It's a very hilly route but my trainer has said to give it a go just for experience, it's a very low key event so I will be walking the uphill bits and taking advantage of the downhill elements!

Wish me luck, I certainly need it!

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Your pace is pretty good, I'd say. Its about the same as mine which I'm happy with at this stage, and I don't have tropical heat to deal with.

I love Barbados, by the way. Very envious of you!

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Congtatulations on your achievement so far; take your time, the 8 weeks is only a guide. Concentrate on what your body tells you there is a limit to " pushing it " only you will be able to know when you are ready to move on comfortably especially in the conditions you're experiencing. An injury at this advance stage of the programe will knock you back physically and may affect your enthusiasm; best going and always be positive.

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Doing well..but take it steady.. especially in the heat!

Shuffling is fine.. slow is fine.. just take it gently and keep moving forward gradually.

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