A little introduction - Hello..😄

Mid 40's now and back in April was told by the doctor to go on a low cholesterol diet, at the time I was 15st (210lbs), I work in sales and am for the most part "on the road", so my diet was not healthy, burgers, sausage rolls from a petrol station... you get the picture.

I embraced the concept of the diet and decided to change my whole outlook on food, not just swapping to healthy snacks and salads but making it a challenge to find new healthy recipes, try new foods and move out of my comfort zone so to speak.

That was six months ago and in that time I have I have lost 2 1/2st (36lbs), bumping around and maintaining 12st 7lbs, given up smoking...2 1/2 months and started exercising, I have now challenged myself to do the couch 2 5K, I hate running!! Wish me luck

I am currently on W1 R2... R3 planned for tomorrow evening and so far so good, I know this is the easy bit and it is going to get harder... I have not run for 30 years but feel great once I finish a run and have a great sense of achievement... I hope to draw on everyone's enthusiasm and use the positivity from the forum to help me when things get tougher.

Feel free to say hello and will be posting updates and thoughts on the C25k as I progress... good and bad !!


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7 Replies

  • Hi there and welcome. Well done on almost getting through Week 1. I've been going for a few weeks now and I can tell you this thing really works - you can see it from the stories everyone's posting here. Keep it up and keep coming to this forum, it's what's been keeping me going. Good luck with the next run!

  • Well done to you. And all credit to you for choosing the plan when you say you hate running.

    The first week is just as tough as any other. Sure, runs get longer, but you will get fitter and stronger. The plan really does allow for the right level of increments - even when it doesn't look it on paper. And as you see progress you may even find yourself enjoying it.

  • Keep it up! I was in the same position last year. I was close to 100kg and also in a sales type role, I dropped to 75kg, c25k was a big help. Just stick to it, it really is the perfect plan.

  • Welcome!

    Well, it sounds like you are already achieving results when you put your mind to it, so I've no doubt you'll enjoy and possibly even relish the C25K challenge, it really can become very addictive! Any questions or issues just ask, we are a friendly and helpful lot. Remember there is no such thing as too slow, or a failed run!

    You won't find a better place to support your running journey than here, so enjoy the ride...

  • Welcome to the best running club in the world, if you are in Sales and enjoy the life then I guess you are very target driven too, and that comes across in your dietary changes and weight loss that you've already achieved.

    C25K takes you nicely through a development of your running. Unlike in Sales there's probably no benefit in meeting the targets early...

    So take your time, please share your progress as we love to celebrate success here. If you get new trainers please post a pic so we can decide to go out and buy new ones, it's quite a vicarious thrill seeing new shoes on here. Sad but true!

    Hope you enjoy your running and progress. Good luck

  • Hello there, the support on here is great. I have 1 run left of week 5. The programme is great and builds you up gradually. I have never run before and am in my 50s so if I can do it so can you! Good luck and keep us posted in your progress 🏃

  • Thanks for all the support, it means a lot to me 🙏🏻

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