God help me

 God help me

Hello all. My 'friend' Sue has bullied me into signing up for this 9 week torture session. The last time I tried to run was about a year ago when my husband helpfully took us on a shortcut to a bus stop and the bus was right behind us. I waddled at speed about 200 yards up a slight incline and then coughed and heaved all through the 20 minute journey home. I am that unfit. Will I survive? All tips welcome😀


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10 Replies

  • Just finished week 1. I don’t run I stagger but take it steady and stick with it.

    Well done.

  • Lol you will do great! Surprisingly it stops being torture and starts being awesome. We've all been where you were and practically every day there's a graduation. The programme works!

  • Hi and welcome.

    You're going to be just fine.

    I'm 38, mother of 2, and haven't really exercised since my late teens. Started to walk alot everyday about a month ago but wanted to step it up.

    I couldn't run either before with my overweight self but you know what.... I'm now on week 3 and getting there.

    My little bit of advice would be to go slow. No running for bus pace here. Barely faster than a walk. Concentrate on your breathing. No panting if you can. Even though we all pant like a well run dog in the beginning. Lol.

    Think about where is best for you to run. I go to my local playing fields because grass is more forgiving on my knees. Also feel more confident there. Less public to stare at me thumping by. ☺

    Invest in a decent pair of trainers. Decent doesn't mean the most expensive. But trust me, alot of pains that we get in the early days are because of our footwear. Stay hydrated... with water not the bottled stuff. Lol.

    Charge your phone and off you go.

    And keep us updated. We love to read new posts and welcome new people. Give advice and also receive it when needed. You'll be fine.

  • Donna go you, what lovely advice to a newbie....

  • Thank you!

  • Just finished week 1. I have always struggled with running but found the first week dare I say enjoyable! Not sure how I will run longer than a minute at a time but I'm going for it. Good luck with your journey 🍀

  • You will amaze yourself!!

  • Well..if you ditch the idea of torture :) Because it isn't... :)

    Not unless you run too fast, too soon and too far:)

    Welcome :)

    You follow the programme.. you take it slow and you take it steady.. you find flat routes if you are able.. you listen to your body and you take your rest days..:)

    You need good running shoes and great bra:) Exercise on rest days helps too, for stamina and strength.

    This is your journey.. do it your way, and compare yourself to no-one. It is about a structured safe build up to running for 30 minutes...

    The mantra for this great journey is, Slow and Steady, (which by the way are my middle names), and as anyone on here, will tell you.. I am complete pain and always telling folk to do it that way:)

    The most important thing though, is to enjoy.... have fun.... look around and see what is happening as you run...learn about the running and yourself...the physical and metal benefits are amazing!

    Keep posting for great support and encouragement too:)

    " The hardest step for a runner? The first one out of the door" :)

  • This programme can change your life.

    So be prepared.

    It looks like a simple training plan for new runners but it's so much more......

    Enjoy your journey.

  • I loved your post, but I worry for your balance with that bottle strapped to your head. Seriously though what a good friend :D! Read around here, you've had some great advice and there's always more if you need it. Post if you like, negative or positive, we cheer and support as necessary :)

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