Help! My knees are SO sore and it's only week 2☹️

During my week 2, run 2 my knees started to niggle and by the time I got home I was in a lot of pain (mainly front of knee below the kneecap). I've been unable to run since and have rested, iced & elevated as much as I can (work & kids permitting!). After nearly two weeks they are finally improving and I am starting to think about getting back into the programme. Just wanted advice about whether I should start from week 1 and also any suggestions about how to avoid further problems? I'm anxious about getting going again in case i experience the same problems but really don't want to give up! Going to yoga regularly to get stretching, have a decent pair of trainers and not particularly overweight (although after this Easter weekend the scales may disagree!).


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8 Replies

  • Yes, you may as well go back to W1 certainly on your first outing and see how you feel.

    knee discomfort is a very common malady when starting. i had lots of knee pain at different points in the first half of the programme and on and off in my frst few months as a runner thereafter. Then it went away never to return (ther than occasions when I injured myself which is a different thing). I think the knees take quite a pounding at the outset and take a while to strengthen but once they do they're good to go.

    I would suggest trying to tread more lightly, make sure you warm up properly, shorten your stride, do some additional strengthening exercises (wall squats, calf raises, bridges, straight leg raises, hamstring curls etc), make sure you warm up properly and be sure to take a good quality fish oil supplement daily. If you find yourself sidelined from running again, swimming is a good rehab exercise.

  • Thanks for your reply..I will definitely do some additional strengthening exercises & make sure I warm up properly! I will give it a few more days as still niggling but fingers crossed i can get going again after that. I love swimming too so will keep that as a fall back option!

  • What kind of surfaces are you running on. I worried about my joints when I first started C25K and find it better running on soft ground and/or up hills - knocking the pace back to cope

  • Sorry to read about the painful knees, KatieSid! Are you running on pavement? Concrete can be really harsh on body parts, even with good shoes. Can you run on a treadmill, or a surface more earthy than pavement? The above advice (both) were my first thoughts as well.

  • Hello, I'm a year on graduate of C2 5k and would totally say go back to week one. It sound like you're maybe don't this program from pod cast. It'd be so much more enjoyable and safer for your knees if you can find a local group providing the program. They're usually free and with proper coaching focusing on technique you shouldn't get knee problems. Issues with and damage to knees is down to how a person is running and mostly comes from heal striking. Try looking up Run England Run Together in a search engine if you're in England. If not they'll be something local. Good luck and stick at with proper form and this will be like like changing.

  • Thanks for all the replies. I have been running on concrete-mainly paths & roads where I live so I will try running on grass or something softer when I get started again. I haven't joined a club as unfortunately there are none locally who run at times that suit me or on my days off from work. I actually enjoy going solo for now😊

  • If you search Essential Quad Strengthening exercises, you'll find a post I put up a few of years ago describing the exercises my physio gave me for knee trouble when I first started running. They were a God send and I can't recommend them highly enough. Hope they work for you too. Good luck :)


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