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Joining blog on my week 5, treadmill training as I have a dodge ankle 😕

Only just found this and have been reading through all the inspiring posts, loving it.

I have gone through week 1-3 with ease (not bragging lol) but week 4 was hard and I'm sort of dreading my first week 5 run today.

I have to train on the treadmill as I have broken my ankle 3 times and the uneven roads play havoc with my dodgy ankle.

I'm about 4 stone over weight and I am not not obsessing about the numbers any more though , as I just makes me turn to bad foods and sitting on my bum, just happy clean eating and training hard. I lift weights on the days I don't run. Noticing a change in my shape already. Loving this programme, think it's a great motivator.

Have a good day all and enjoy those runs 🏃🏃🏃

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Well done you.. The runs are runs... and taking care of you is paramount!

Keep posting your progress please.. there are a few folk who are doing this inside :)

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