Have I joined a cult?

I don't know what it is about this programme and site, I'm not usually an obsessive person but not only am I addicted but I feel I'm getting a bit obsessed too! I'm currently on my break at work, having a coffee and fat free yogurt so I can last a bit longer for a later lunch to fuel me for my run after work.

I just can't resist looking at the blogs when I have a free minute, and even worse, I'm constantly trying to recruit people, if I'm not careful my friends will start avoiding me (come to think of it.......) I send out links to my blog and the site and post them on Facebook....

Please tell me I'm not alone? Is there a self help group I can join?


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27 Replies

  • It is very easy to get obsessed by this programme. And it's very inspiring to read other people's blogs (and very nice to get comments on your own entries). And you want everyone you know to feel the marvellous benefits that you are feeling from this programme. As for the self-help group - this is it!

  • Yes, you are obsessed. Great isn't it?! I think we should call ourselves The Who'dhavethoughtits! :)

  • I like that!!! :0)

  • lol maybe someones going to misread that though, and we won't be standing still long enough for them to reread it :)

  • mine are quite large though, you could probably write that over just one of my whodhavethough tits!!!!!! ;0)

  • lol!!!! :D

  • Your post made me laugh! Here I am on my lunchbreak doing just the same as you. Yes we're addicted. Not even sure whether the running or the blogging is worse! ;-) Still as Miss T says at least we have a ready made self-help group!

  • I'm right in there with you....I just can't rest until I've checked this site (have actually thought of putting it right IN my "start-up" tabs to save time). I'm always excited to see new bloggers, and wondering how that "one" who's been having a time of it is getting along.

    Isn't it great? Is it an obsession? Who cares? We are helping each other achieve a worthy goal. And isn't that what friends are for?

    Good running everyone!

  • I never close this tab, so it's always there when I start up, lol!

  • ditto nicolaclaire, we could be the Lauralites maybe :) get a catchy theme tune, t-shirts, leaflet as we run ... help me please someone ...

  • Some Hallmarks of a Cult... (various sources)

    1) Emotional Leverage/Love Bombing - Instant friendship, extreme helpfulness, generosity and acceptance

    2) The group is preoccupied with bringing in new members.

    3)Charismatic or messianic leader who is self-appointed and has a special mission in life.

    4)Members devote inordinate amounts of time to the group

    Oh heck... yes, we HAVE! ;)

  • Yes you have become obssesive to this site but there is a simple remedy. Its a dose of running - simples :) I think you are just one of hundreds now, we all love this place cos its a nice place to be along with out running routes and treadmills of course.

    So I say to all those who are scepticle about running:-

    You can't knock it until you've tried it and once you try it you'll be bitten by the bug just like us. ;)

  • Ha! It's true. I've never really been into anything much, more of a flash in the pan type. But this has me gripped. And when I complete a run, I can't wait to get on here and blog because I know that you're the people who understand how fantastic it feels to add an extra minute on to what you can do. I love reading other people's experiences and tips too., it keeps me going.

    I've also started trying to convert....

  • I prefer it to watching TV at night, and I love to catch up during the day when I'm having a cup of tea.

    I love reading about other peoples experiences and helping if I can and I love the fact that I can blog about a run or race and have such wonderful support.

    But it clearly is addictive because I'm still doing it 18 months on and show no signs of stopping :)

    I just think it's a great outlet for all our running thoughts and trials and tribulations and celebrations,

    and it's also a great way to help and support others who are simply trying to put their own health as a top priority.

    I think we have a lot of pressures on us as adults, parenting, working, paying the bills etc etc and I think running and talking about running on this site is a bit of escapism from all of that stuff.

  • Well said TJ. I find that although my hubby is quite supportive and does listen I feel its mainly with his deaf ear!! So having this place for me is my safety valve if you like. When I did C25K last year I hadn't found this site, so I was very much a lone runner and alone too. I had no one to share my concerns with, my triumphs and my joy. This site having found it when I was on week 7 the second time around was a god send and now what I term as 'My running sanctuary' Wouldn't be without it or you guys and girls. ;)

  • Same here, I think this blog site is a big part of the programme, I feel so supported and encouraged, and if things don't go according to plan there's always metaphorical tea and sympathy and someone who's been there understands. I find it so weird that we don't know who we all are - people we pass (in my case puffing and panting, jogging so slowly I'm almost going backwards) could easily be C25Kers. Bring on the t-shirts! Thank you everyone for being such a great sounding-board.

    Just off for my W3R2.....

  • Haha, you are so right! I can't stay away from this place, even on my rest days. I always post my blog after my run - my daughter told me off yesterday for having too many posts about running on Facebook, and said I should write a blog... I already do, I said! ;) Even if it's a rest day, I come on here to read how others are getting on and throw my (limited) experience into the mix.

    And, yes, I'm also on a recruiting mission. I think poulet has got it spot on. This is definitely cult behaviour! Are other cults so friendly, supportive, polite and encouraging I wonder? When do we get our own ashram? Imagine that... living in a group that works together so everyone can go running and get fitter and get the most out of life... admit it - you're thinking about it. ;)

    I'm afraid there is no self-help group. You're stuck with us now and we are very much a community. You can't do this alone. We won't let you! We insist on being there every step of the way, through the good runs and the bad, to support and encourage you and cheer you on.

    Now get out there and run, because we know you want to. :)

  • Brilliant its keeping me going reading all the blogs and comments everyday when I am not working at the moment. So keep it up folks.

  • During today's run (w3,r3) I realised the thing that keeps me going through my runs is thinking about what I'm going to write in my blog once it's done! As I fight through that final minute I think of the triumphant thing I will write having succeeded, and that pushes me on when I don't think I can go any further. Yes, it's definitely obsession. I can think of far worse things to be obsessed by though, so, long may it last. :)

  • I do this too - so glad I'm not alone with the blogging in head whilst running!!

  • It's an obsession, but a good one IMO, years ago I did a 5 mile charity run but didn't really stick to the training - the knowledge that there are so many of you out there doing the same thing & thinking similar thoughts really keeps me motivated.

  • This is definitely an Addictive, Compulsive, Disorder, that everyone of us on here has and wouldn't want to change, it spurs us all on for the next run. I hop on and off of here all day long too. ;)

  • Think we've hit the nail on the head! Wonder how Laura feels about being our 'charismatic leader' and yes I totally agree there are worse addictions to have x

  • I know I have and I'm loving every minute (well maybe not every minutes those final minutes are killers sometimes), never been enthusiastic about something that's good for me before, so what if I look at the blogs most days.

  • It is definitely a cult for is has a dark side.... I am the most punctual person I know, I have never been late once in my working life. But yesterday, as the site kept enticing me to read "just one more blog", I had to run part of the way and arrived a sweaty mess because C25k made me late!!! Also, my other half has been complaining that I spend too much time online, which I do. Do I need C25k rehab?

  • lol Stephanie-j, I'm back from 36hours "cold turkey" would not recommend it :)

  • Definitely a cult- I just want the whole world to do this programme.

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