R2W2 stats ... and a nightmare!

R2W2 stats ... and a nightmare!

Managed to complete run 2 of week 2. Really pushed myself as a couple of the running sessions were uphill on my route but I made it. My stats are below. Do they look ok for this stage of the programme?

Also had a disaster when i got home. Feeling good but I’m desperate need of a shower, I sat on my front step, took the jacket off from round my waist only to find my front door key has fallen out my jacket somewhere during the run! I had my music really loud so didn’t hear a thing so I’ve had to walk the route again until I found it. Raging 😡


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  • Well done, but don't get hung on stats.

    We all like to compare ourselves, but if you look at the demographics of those on this forum and take their health issues into account, then there is no average performance level that is of any real value.

    Compare yourself to your former self........and wow, look at your progress already!

    You only lose your keys once.............. then you are homeless.

  • Thanks very much. I’m really pleased so far even though it’s only week 2. Not so pleased about the keys though - thankfully they weren’t too far away lol!

  • Yes, I am not so bothered with stats during C25K. Really the only important stat is that you attempted each run.

    Loud music? Well you are running in a built environment, along roads and crossing side-roads. My recommendation is that you have your music turned down low, or use just one earpiece so that you can hear the traffic and other road users. You'll want to stay safe.

  • I've invested in a running belt, didn't cost much and it takes my phone and has a clip for keys. Well worth it!

  • Never thought of that, thanks very much!

  • Got mine from sports direct

  • As others have said, dont get hung up on stats.

    My average speed is the speed I am comfy with and that I can sustain.

  • No, you're a new runner, don't worry about statistics, just getting out and doing it is enough for now, well done!

  • Seconded on the one-earphone suggestion ... shamefully this safety aspect didn't occur to me for a while (music not loud but earphones are quite good at blocking sound) ...! Thank goodness you found the key though, that's the sort of thing that maddens me.

  • Those stats are better than my wk 7 run. So I'd say you're doing well. Keep it up. Well done.

  • Search for running gloves on Amazon. Very thin light weight gloves that do keep fingers warm - plus they have a little pocket for your keys! X

  • LOL better than my week 9 graduation run, which was my fastest ever. You're doing fine, it's really not a race! That said, I found week 2 an excellent week for learning about how to go a bit faster with less effort than on week one. These shorter runs are good for experimentation. But I think learning to run *comfortably* should be the focus. At this stage, it's your breath and your ability to get enough oxygen that are really the issues. Later your legs come in a bit more.

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