All I'm on week 3 off couch to 5k , I used to run all the time I could run 10k but I had to stop after injuries but I gained 3 stones and I've just started back at the gym and on weightwatchers . I'm not really loosing much weight at the min but the inch loss is amazing 😉. I did my first day off week 3 today I found it hard but I did it !!!! I'm looking forward to reading everyone posts and hopefully get some good tips soon 👍😉


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  • I'm due to do week 3 run 1 tomorrow. I do slimming world and had been really frustrated as I was putting weight on instead of losing, however I have been told that it can take up to four weeks for your body to get used to the exercise. So roll on the end of next week and I might start seeing my numbers falling xx

  • Don't hold your breath!

  • But surely at some stage the weight must come off?

  • Not while running C25K, you just don't burn enough calories. You need to reduce your intake.

    It is not designed for weight reduction, but you will feel better soon and will want to maximise your hard won gains.

  • I'm not running to lose weight, albeit when it comes that would be good. I'm doing slimming world and was losing weight until I started running, but have even gained since starting c25k despite eating well. People have told me that it's fluid retention to heal the muscles?

  • rlwalker, have a look at this verywell.com/calories-burne...

    Weight gain can be water retention, but also muscle weighs more than fat.

  • Thanks for this 😀

  • Thanks for that I did find it really hard today but I'm going to keep going x

  • I too started on Wk3 today and am doing slimming world, ive lost 3stone so far thats before starting the c25k at the moment just getting small losses. I found today tough when i got to the last 3min run but managed to push on

  • Stick with it.

    You will be back running 10ks, but don't rush and don't compare your performance with what you used to do. You are older and larger.....

    Enjoy your journey.

  • Oh my gosh I so do no what you mean, the 3 min runs are hard but keep at it , I am my next run will be weds good luck love you can do it x

  • I eat dead healthily, lots of veggies and very little sugar. When I started running 5 weeks ago I weighed 10st. I now weigh 10st. Difference is, I can now feel muscles in my legs and my waist is a tiny bit smaller. What I am focussing on for now is my muscle/fat ratio and that fantastic feeling I get from running. And the fact that I can run without getting so out of breath! And I focus on the good I am doing for my heart and lungs. Maybe I'll start losing a few pounds as I get stronger and am able to do longer runs.

    Well done on reaching week 3, Marv! My top tip is to take it sloooowly (best way to avoid injury) and be proud of yourself for each and every run you achieve! Hydrate, eat well, and you will feel well. You sound very motivated, and that will get you far. 🏃‍♀️😀

  • Thank you for that Sadie-runs , I must say my partner has said he can see a difference in the shape off my body I've only been back running 2 weeks and now on my wk3 of ck25k it's not so much the weight loss with me it's more about the running and feeling more healthy the inch loss is great too I'm doing weightwatchers online just to keep me in check 😉,but I do feel really motivated at the min 😃👍thank you got your kind words x

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