Graduated last week and now struggling

Graduated last week and now struggling

So I graduated last week, finnishing off with a park run in 30:39. Which I am very pleased with. But now I'm starting to struggle to keep motivated to run three times a week. I am also hoping to put some muscle mass on without gaining any time to my runs as I've lost the best part of a stone in muscle since changing jobs. If anyone has an ideas or has done anything similar, I'd love to touch base and find out some more.


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  • Try the bridge to 10k ..... Happy running, don't give in !

  • Consolidation first... essential :)

  • Do not move on too quickly.... consolidation of thirty minute runs is essential... :)

    Try long runs, short runs, slightly speedy runs..I tried Intervals and Strides too.... then move on to C25K + podcasts..great for speed and stamina.. and the discipline in our running.. :)

    Then after a couple of weeks or so..head to the Bridge to 10K forum...

  • You've lost a stone in muscle mass? Crikey.

    Well, the only way to put on muscle mass is resistance exercise and caloric surplus. Running is good for your conditioning but no amount of it is ever going to increase your muscle mass.

    So. Lift some weights. Lift heavy. Concentrate on the 8 to 12 rep ranges. Eat clean but also like a beast. Stay consistent. Rinse and repeat for 18 months.

  • Okay so this is my running recipe, which may help or at least give you food for thought...

    1 I set up running reminders from Mr Smooth (Michael J) three times a week, it's not him but it fools me

    2 I prep my kit in advance and in view of the bed, so there's no getting away with it

    3 I now blog about each of my runs, so to have something to write about I have to run. This discipline works for me on - you can still post here on health unlocked - I believe there's no restriction. Sometimes posting keeps the momentum, it does for me.

    4 There are a few really good friends on here, who private message each other and we do it amongst ourselves, just to check in

    5 I followed the advice that Jan-now-runs said about consolidation and that made sense to me and gave me a structure. Check out her post it was about 2/3 weeks ago I think.

    6 I treat myself to Mr Smooth every 3 runs or so to keep the discipline of listening to instructions.

    7 I buy myself new downloads of music, so every run completed gets me a new download

    I can't help with the muscle tone question but Rignold is king there I think....

    Hope this helps just a bit on the motivation front.

  • To lose more fat and less muscle, one of the keys is lack of stress and good sleep (like, 7-8 hours a night). The body is mysterious indeed... Also -- weight training of course to put your muscle back on!

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