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Week 2 done - probs with voiceover on app

Yay, just got back from last run of week 2. This morning was lovely, was able to go out a bit later and timed it so that I was running alongside the river as the sun came up.

Saw a few other runners, all faster than me and (obv) not stopping for walks, but imagining me being able to do that in a few weeks time is quite inspiring :)

This morning the app was a bit uncooperative and didn't want to talk over the music - anyone else had that? It did dip the volume on the music where the talking should have been so I timed it from that. Except I missed the last cue, was thinking "this feels like quite a long 90s" and found I was 2 mins into the cooldown walk :)


Ankles/ achilles tendon quite achy this week. I have a weakness in my left ankle anyway (have been over on it a couple of times in the past). My own fault this week, wore flatties for a job interview and ankles very sore the next day - it wasn't caused by the running. Took an extra rest day, did extra stretches, strapped it up at night and it felt fine this morning. But def going to get gait analysed and new trainers next week. Will plan extra rest days if it feels sore at all. And no more flat shoes without gel heel inserts.


I feel great!

Legs felt fine this morning, even with unplanned longer run. Looking forwards to next week. The scariest thing is going to be me walking into a running shop!

I got the job.

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Good Morning Copperbird,

Congratulations firstly on finishing your run and secondly on getting the job. Well done you, how exciting, new starts all round.

I too have had a couple of glitches with the app. I always start my music first now, then start the C25K app and that seems to work better. My problem is keeping the darned ear pieces in now lol

Very sensible to look after that ankle, my Chiropractor has made me throw all dolly shoes, bally pumps etc as they don't support my feet properly so I have some very ugly shoes in my collection, much to my disgust now

Anyway keep going you are doing really well. Enjoy your shopping trip you are a runner now be proud :0)

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seconding those congrats for the job and the run!

Same app/music advice, start the music first, a couple of times I've had to restart the whole lot. Also if it's something that requires phone signal e.g. streaming iplayer/youtube I've found that if signal cuts out it can mess things up, somehow my phone just gives up coordinating the sound!

Hope the ankle stays supportive!

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