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W5 R1 Done

Started on week 5 today - went for a run first thing when I got up. This programme is amazing as I think of week 1 and can't believe how quickly you can build up your running. Determined to get through rest of the Week 5 runs!!

So back home - on the sofa watching TV - having been for a run. Few weeks ago it would have been exactly the same - minus the run!!

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well done its a great feeling isnt it, knowing you've done something so worthwhile, and then you get to slide on the sofa....


Slow and stead does it.. you are ready for the runs that follow:) Brilliant!

Make sure too, as the runs get longer.. that you keep up your stamina and strength exercises on rest days:)


Yes - probably need to work on in between days. Did Zumba this week but don't think twerking helps with the running!

Anyway next run 🏃 on Monday. Can't believe I'm actually going out for a run. Number of times I've seen people running and thought I could never do that - and now I am. Very slowly!!!

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Amazing isn't it... we totally rock!

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