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Week 4 run 3

Still going! Yay! Actually felt like I could keep going at the end - which is always a plus on the last run before a new week. Wk 5 run 1 doesn't look too terrifying, but I'm only looking one run ahead so I don't scare myself off!

Lots of leaves down tonight - and they were wet and squishy. Which I'm sure will just keep getting worse until I trade them for crispy winter ice! Determined to keep going and really build a new habit.

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I love that feeling you get when you reach the end and think you could actually carry on, conversely I always hate the first 5-8 minutes. I am doing the same as you, I have reluctantly given up on the farmers fields now as too wet, uneven and slippery but as I'm a bit more confident now I don't mind the idea of pavement running and fortunately there is a ministry road nearby which is still really quiet if unlit. Good luck for week 5 :)

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Oh I can't wait to get the feeling that I can "keep going" at the end!! Right now I'm doing good to make it through! Albeit I feel great when I finally finish the run for the day! (W2D3 run tomorrow)


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