Wk2 run3 osteoporosis cute allegedly?

Wk2 run3 osteoporosis cute allegedly?

Interested to know is anyone else who is middle aged with a diagnosis of osteoporosis has been told they their doctor to run?! I have been enjoying the brilliant sunsets but can't say I like running. I do HOPE it'll grow on me as that's what the doctor ordered. This or Zumba which really hurt. I wouldn't say I was orverweight or sedentary but running is hard. I thought joggers wore out their joints with too much pounding of the pavements? Any thoughts/ people with same diagnosis?


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  • Reading between the lines - I suspect that what you Doctor has told you is that you need to do some vigorous cardiovascular exercise, of which running is a prime example. However there are other vigorous cardiovascular exercise which perhaps do not impact upon joints and ligaments quite so much. What we do all have to do however - is get our heartrate and breathing up a couple of notches on a regular basis. Casual walks do not make the grade - bicycling does if there are plenty of hills, running does, swimming does if it is done hard enough, etc. I get my heart pumping and sweat breaking out all over in the gym for an hour most days.

    Personally, if I had a documented case of osteoporosis, I probably wouldn't run myself.

  • That's what's interesting. The Doc said not swimming or cycling both of which I do occasionally. She said I need to put stress on the bones to prompt regrowth. Hence the running or Zumba. I have made sure ive got the springiest shoes I could and will take it easy.

  • Running increases your bone density. However, as it is a high impact, weight bearing exercise (which is why it encourages increased bone density), there is also a risk.

    Your GP will know you, your medical history and bone mineral density, so should be able to make a better informed decision as to whether it is safe for you.

    However, I am a great believer that exercise is only long term sustainable if you are doing something you enjoy. Try slowing down a bit - see if that helps. But, if you just aren't feeling it, then look for something else that you can enjoy doing

  • Yes - Question "what is the best physical exercise? " Answer - " the one that you keep on doing!!" :)

  • I will commit to the whole programme and then take stock I think. It's got benefits for sure. Not least it's available as soon as I step outside the door.

  • The advantage you mention - the convenience of being able to do it, free, just about anywhere) is a major one I think, and certainly makes it easier to commit to. It sounds very wise to take this attitude of giving it a change and taking stock later as it's probably still to early to judge right now.

    I think a lot of people start running (for various reasons) without taking much pleasure in it and end up falling in love with it. Likewise it may be that it's just not your thing.

    I always thought of myself as being aquatic by nature but I know I just can't get into swimming as exercise (as opposed to just mucking about in the sea), whereas I thought running looked deadly boring but in the short time I've been doing it I have been blown away by how much joy it has brought me.

    Good luck!

  • That's very positive. I too am a total water baby so it's nice to know I can cross over 'to the grass side' so to speak!

  • Hi and welcome.. we are not experts in any way... so any advice we might give is just our thoughts really :) We are all different, so one person's experiences etc would not match yours:) Severity of the problem, etc etc...

    This has some really useful information ;


    Walking for Health Forum, my be the place you would prefer to be if you are feeling unsure ? Maybe take a peek..we would love to have you here, but make sure you are happy with the decision:)


  • Thanks for those. I will take a look. It's not expertise I really want anyway. Just to know that there are others who are not the athletic type that grow to love it or at least can keep at it.

  • Yup, running is a weight bearing exercise, which is what we need to do to increase bone density. You could try to run on grass only, which has less impact on joints etc? Bone density aside, running is fab exercise, all round. Just take it gently, run sloooowly and lightly. If your doc thinks it is okay for you to run, you should be good to go.

  • Thanks for all your replies. I am committed for at least nine weeks. Look forward to 'graduating'!

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