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Wet Sand

Run 2 Wk 2 was something I was looking forward to. I felt fine and thought it would go as easy as the previous run. But just into the first 90 second run I felt a really painful knot in my calf. I knew this run wasn't going to be pleasant but as I went on I discovered something. The first run of the set was bad and the second wasn't much better. But then it lightened and so did my mood. I'm not that confident and I run on the beach at low tide with my King Charles (who is doing better than me in her training). I try and avoid other people but today I told myself to keep going and not turn around and run the opposite way if it meant passing a group of young ones. No one seemed to notice me. Another lesson learnt - I blend into the landscape and no one seems to see a struggling older women hobbling along wet sand. So today I discovered that within a set, some runs will be better than others and not to group it all as bad. Then I learnt that if I push myself to go past uncomfortable situations, little by little I gain confidence. Yea!!

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Well done...thats awesome.i had the same problem this week...same run too.week 2 run 1 no problem.i was really looking forward to going out again for run 2 but it was awful...i kept having to stop before the 90 seconds was up & was thouroughly disappointed!!!i definately need to work on my mental approach as i have come to realise its half the battle!!!

I am now full of cold(possibly the reason the run was terrible)& have decided that i probably wont get out again until saturday & i will most likely have to repeat week 2...but thats ok x


I'll think of you on Saturday as I'll be doing my run then also. Take care of that immune system..

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Great to have confidence :) Well done you:)

But..( there's always a but, isn't there.. ?) Be careful on the wet sand beach run.. and even on sand that seems dry after the tide goes out.

The calf twinge is not a good sign... if you check out a few of my last posts, I mention the fact that recovering from a calf tear... three weeks on... my Physio's regime for getting back to my running was to avoid sand running or beach running, until fully recovered.


The suction effect, puts a terrific strain on the calf muscles and the micro tears make their presence felt by twinges!

Make sure you stretch and roll out those calf muscles.. I use a massage stick.. :)


Great advice. I'll run on the roads for the next one. Thank you Oldfloss.


If a "really painful knot in the calf" means what you wrote, you should stop running immediately. Aches and twinges.......we all have those but never run through pain. You can cause permanent damage.

As Floss says, sand can be a really bad surface to run on, but it depends on the sand and it's moisture content. If firm, it can actually be very forgiving. Not all sand is equal.

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